A Bridge Over Hallifax

Date: 2/6/2012 at 19:33
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: A Bridge Over Hallifax

Late in the month of Dioni, 317 years after the Coming of Estarra,
Eritheyl Skyplume began to find metal bolts lying around the City of
Hallifax. Becoming concerned that the bolts had fallen from an important
machine or that they could cause structural instability in the city,
Erithel, along with Lawliet Letara and Oberst Ushaara scoured the city
for the source of the missing bolts, finding nothing missing from the
city's generators and gaining little information from the city's
scientists. The small bolts were quickly forgotten in the excitement of
the Challenge of Life as the city went to work curing sick furrikin.

In the relative peace after the Challenge, the alarm rang out as a
lucidian repairman cried for help on the city aetherwave, calling for
assistance in putting out a raging fire in his workshop. Kiradwea
Startail rushed to the rescue, along with Phoebus Skyplume and Lawliet,
putting out the fire and calming the frantic lucidian. The lucidian
request further help from the citizens, as he had lost all of his
supplies in the blaze. Digging deep into their rifts, they quickly
replenished his stock and the repairman declared his work for the day to
be done.

Offering a harsh reprimand over the city aether, Comptroller General
Jai'rok Eepex commanded the repairman to fix the long-broken plinths on
the city's bridges or face severe consequences. Fearful of being thrown
from one of city's towers, the repairman beseeched help from the city to
gather spare parts of the plinths as he set to work fixing them. Once
fixed, the plinths revealed themselves to be hologram generators that
projected images of important figures from the Hallifax's history and
gave short lessons on their accomplishments. Next, the repairman asked
the citizens to take the tokens from the plinths and deliver them to the
city's servants so that they may take a break from their duties to be
enriched by the great deeds of the Commonwealth's scientists and

Thus, the purpose of the mysterious plinths was revealed along with many
long-lost historical facts about Hallifax. How long the plinths will
remain working however, is the next great mystery.

Penned by My hand on the 21st of Dioni, in the year 317 CE.