Tale of the Waste Storage Facility and an Elder God

Date: 1/17/2012 at 0:36
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: Tale of the Waste Storage Facility and an Elder God

A viscanti janitor broke the quiet of the Basin of Life as he declared
to the world that he was quitting his job. Soon, he was found by Revan
n'Kylbar, drinking himself silly at the bar in the city of Magnagora.
After pressing enough alcohol on the janitor, Revan convinced him to
share his woes. The janitor whined that his work was too dangerous,
though he said he would return to work if he was paid more and trained
to defend himself. Quickly, Revan paid the man 25,000 gold and summoned
the ur'Guard who provided the janitor with a vicious axe, "a man's
weapon" as they told him. Before training could begin, however, the
sounds of battle broke out on the Ackleberry Highway and the janitor and
Magnagora rushed to the scene.

Upon the highway, mindless zombies were wreaking havoc, trying to eat
the brains of anything they could find. Battling through these zombies,
the Magnagoran forces, as well as members of Serenwilde stumbled upon
the Waste Storage Facility, the workplace of the viscanti janitor.
Making their way inside, they learned that the zombies had escaped from
their prison beneath the facility. It was Rika and Solanis of Serenwilde
who first found the secret way to access the vaults below the surface
and they, with those from Magnagora, worked to stop the zombie invasion.

In the end, the zombie overlord was slain and the Commander of the
facility used his body to restore the necromantic energies that
maintained the security systems in the prison vaults. The Commander of
the facility provided Kalas Ixion with a strange ring, as a thank you
for ending the fiasco with the zombies. Though when Ixion placed the
ring on his finger, he was whisked into a strange chamber carved into
the dream realm where he also found a strange presence. Calling itself
Zvoltz, the presence commanded Ixion to find Elder Gods who were
familiar with the dream realm, possibly meditators who immersed
themselves in alternate reality, and then flung Ixion from the chamber
in the dream realm as reality began to destabilize.

Wasting no time, Ixion beseeched the help of Mysrai and Hoaracle, who
took from him the ring of power. They realized that the chamber was
constructed by the Vernal Goddess Vestera and the ring that linked to it
was used by the viscanti to power their prison. Mysrai quickly
recognized that the presence in the dream realm was Her brother, Zvoltz,
who became trapped when He tried to enter through the beacon in a
disembodied form. Though initially unwilling to help, Hoaracle convinced
Her otherwise. Together, the two Elder Gods worked to free Zvoltz from
the prison in the Dream Realm. Soon, an arc of energy blazed across the
skies toward Avechna's Peak, where mortals found the Elder God Zvoltz
had returned to the First World.

Many questions remain unanswered about these strange happenings, such as
what the true purpose of the machine in the Waste Storage Facility is,
or why ancient Magnagora had used the place to lock up mindless zombies.
Only time may tell what else could be learned within its locked vaults.

Penned by My hand on the 23rd of Tzarin, in the year 315 CE.