The Return of the Forsaken

Date: 1/6/2012 at 3:56
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: The Return of the Forsaken

The struggle was long for Kalas Ixion of the Ur'Guard, for with the
healing of the Wounded Sky, so returned the bitterly cold winds and snow
of the Icewynd. Yet, accompanied by Ushaara of the Sentinels, he trudged
into the wintry land of war and turmoil. The two knights fought
side-by-side as they cut through the queens of the ice diggers in the
Iceburn Plains, later accompanied by Tulemrah and a few other mages as
they fought the infamous Angels of Ice, who are now permanently
imprisoned in the Dead Spire.

Yet as their efforts came to fruition, they achieved something the
Forsaken had not thought possible - the Edifice of Power of Climanti,
the Piercing Needle of Transcendent Ice, was restored. Not only did it
shine and glow, it forged a link between two very different worlds, the
current day and the Vernal Wars - and there went Kalas Ixion and Ushaara
La'Saet. Together they aided the people of Climanti, aiding in the
preparation of the Ice Havens for the coming battle.

It seemed for naught, though. As the last of the citizens were evacuated
into the Havens, they gave Ixion a token of their thanks. It was then
the alarm came in earnest - for Zenos was not coming, but here. As the
winds of the Soulless God began to rip apart the city like fragile
leaves, Ushaara and his companions began to pull at Ixion, urging him
towards the Edifice of Power. Convinced there was something he might yet
do, Ixion was remiss to depart - but depart he did, mere moments before
death settled onto the city completely.

But something good did come of meddling with the past, for the ancient
edifice of power, the Piercing Needle of Transcendent Ice, shines forth
with a power that shields all of Climanti, laying to rest the lost souls
who died during Its Fall, at least so long as the Piercing Needle
remains active. Furthermore, the edifice has become imprinted with
Ixion's race at the time he completed his mission. Thus, all aslaran
across the land benefit from the Blessing of the Forsaken.

As the company were about to depart, they found that at some point in
the past, a statue was erected to Kalas Ixion, a enigmatic monument to
the paradox of time travel. And it was there that the final truths about
Climanti were revealed, truths so shocking that it called into question
the veracity of history itself.

Penned by My hand on the 13th of Juliary, in the year 314 CE.