The Final Gift

Date: 1/3/2012 at 3:04
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: The Final Gift

With the Soulless God Zenos freed, the Basin of Life were gripped in his
clutches, as he sent the deadly Kilgaru wind rampaging throughout the
land. It seemed all hope was lost. But then a slim ray of hope appeared.

Answering the call of the Tree of Trees, druids gathered to try and
decipher the ancient spirit's words. They realized that the Ail'an
Gloria, also known as the Giving Tree, would play one more part in the
war against Zenos. Nymphs continued to be drawn to the Giving Tree,
carrying boughs of holly in supplication. However, now they were being
inexplicably attacked by snow cats and undead beauties. For a month, the
nymphs kept coming and those who were able fought off the attackers,
carrying the boughs of holly to the Giving Tree and receiving a small
reward in return.

Then, the miracle happened. The Ail'an Gloria began to call out to
druids throughout the land. Sadly, the only ones who answered were
Sondayga, Vadi and Kylsiu. However, this was enough. The druids began a
ritual whereby they joined their spirits with the Giving Tree. That,
combined with the power that it had been gathering for a month, was
enough for the tree to begin to grow at an extraordinarily accelerated
rate. Finally, it was able to release a plume of flowers up into the
sky, taking the spirits of the druids with it.

There, slowly and laboriously, battling against the Soulless God Zenos,
they were able, together, to heal the Wounded Sky. But the cost was
great. The Ail'an Gloria bid the druids farewell, for the Giving Tree
gave its last gift, its very life itself, in this final exertion.

The Tree of Trees bid the druids to never forget its progeny that had
sacrificed itself, and revealed that there was one last gift it had
given. The power to manipulate weather and to see in visions as the
spirits do.

Thus, has the gift of Shamanism come to the druids.

Penned by My hand on the 15th of Dvarsh, in the year 314 CE.