Serverside Curing!

Date: 10/23/2017 at 4:12
From: Ianir the Anomaly
To : Everyone
Subj: Serverside Curing!

Hi everybody,

We are pleased to release the long-awaited-for and much esteemed Server
Side Curing update. This has been a long time coming, and we are hoping
it will be up to your expectations. It will be receiving updates as we
are able, and we already have several lined up (allheale, lock
detection, green/gedulah, power/beastfocus, fixing some odd limitations,
awareness of more symptom lines).

The skill has been placed at Discipline - Curing, Apprentice 50%
(approximately 25 lessons in), and upon activating the skill, the Nurse!
achievement (if not already received) will refund the lesson cost.

I will append the AB below, which includes documentation on all of the
numerous settings.

Ianir the Anomaly.


AUTOCURING <ON/OFF> (enable/disable autocuring)
AUTOCURING RESET (reset all settings - CAREFUL!)
AUTOCURING T[OGGLE] <flag> [<ON|OFF>] (Modify autocuring flags)
AUTOCURING S[ET] <field> <value> (Modify autocuring values)
AUTOCURING M[OD][IFY] <list> (Modify lists/queues)

Autocuring will allow you to maintain your vitals and cure your
afflictions passively. It is built to be highly configurable and
competitive to potential player-built options with sane defaults. More
experienced individuals may wish to supplement it with scripts and
multiple queues. The system will warn you if you run out of any


Enabled - Turns on/off the entire autocuring system.
EchoCommands - Display commands sent by the autocuring system.
EnabledInAeon - Prevent the system from curing in aeon, for specific
manual overrides.
SlushEnabled - Use Lucidity Slush for mental afflictions.
DustEnabled - Use Purity Dust for internal afflictions.
SteamEnabled - Use Soothing Steam for spiritual afflictions.
IceEnabled - Use Restorative Ice for physical afflictions and wounds.
ElixirEnabled - Use healing, mana, and bromides for curing vitals and
ScrollEnabled - Use your healing scroll to heal your vitals.
SparkleberryEnabled - Use sparkleberry to heal your vitals.
UseSparkleberryForVessels - Use sparkleberry for burst vessels
TryHiddenAffs - Hidden afflictions which cannot be identified will use
steam, ice, and dust until identified.
UseMedicineBag - Use a medicine bag if you have it. If you don't, does
nothing if enabled.
BlockOnAddiction - Don't use the elixir queue while you have the
addiction affliction.
ClotEnabled - Clot your bleeding and bruising automatically.
AllVitalsScroll - Only use scroll if all of your vitals are below your
scroll thresholds.
AllVitalsSparkle - Only use sparkleberry if all of your vitals are below
your sparkleberry thresholds.
UseAlternateSparkleberry - Use the alternative herb for sparkleberry
UseSparkleberryFallback - If UseAlternativeSparkleberry is enabled,
allows use of normal sparkleberry as a fallback.
UpkeepTruehearing - Upkeeps Truehearing defense.
UpkeepSixthsense - Upkeeps Sixthsense defense.
UseMagictome - Uses a magictome if you have one rather than a healing
scroll. Does nothing if you do not.


AddictionThreshold - Only sip with addiction if the vital is below this
percentage. 0 to disable.
ThresholdManaClot - Only clot to this percentage of mana, no lower.
ThresholdHealthScroll - Only use scroll if health is below this
ThresholdManaScroll - Only use scroll if mana is below this percentage.
ThresholdEgoScroll - Only use scroll if ego is below this percentage.
ThresholdHealthSparkle - Only use sparkleberry if health is below this
ThresholdManaSparkle - Only use sparkleberry if mana is below this
ThresholdEgoSparkle - Only use sparkleberry if ego is below this
AssumedHealth - Assume this health percentage in blackout/recklessness.
AssumedMana - Assume this mana percentage in blackout/recklessness.
AssumedEgo - Assume this ego percentage in blackout/recklessness.


ElixirQueue - A priority queue for the elixir balance. Accepts
health/mana/ego and an upper bound (sip below this number), or vessels
and a lower bound (sip above this number).
IgnoredAffs - A list of ignored afflictions. Position means nothing in
this queue.
FocusQueue - A queue of afflictions to focus in the dust, slush, and
steam queues. Shared between the three. Priority is highest (at 1) to
lowest (at last).
IceQueue - A queue of afflictions to target in the ice queue. Priority
is highest (at 1) to lowest (at last).

Specialised Afflictions for Focus Queue:
NeedTruehearing - Need truehearing and is able to raise it.
NeedSixthsense - Need sixthsense and is able to raise it.

Specialised Afflictions for Ice Queue:
criticalheadwounds, criticalchestwounds, criticalgutwounds,
criticalrightlegwounds, criticalleftarmwounds, criticalleftlegwounds,
criticalrightarmwounds, heavyheadwounds, heavychestwounds,
heavygutwounds, heavyleftlegwounds, heavyrightlegwounds,
heavyrightarmwounds, heavyleftarmwounds, lightheadwounds,
lightchestwounds, lightgutwounds, lightrightlegwounds,
lightleftlegwounds, lightrightarmwounds, lightleftarmwounds - Wounds.

Penned by My hand on the 15th of Juliary, in the year 486 CE.