Ephemeral Applications Open!

Date: 10/21/2017 at 22:20
From: Estarra the Eternal
To : Everyone
Subj: Ephemeral Applications Open!

Do you have an interest of helping run Lusternia behind the scenes as a
volunteer administer (i.e., Elder God)? If so, we are seeking
applications for Ephemerals who are administrators-in-training for Elder
God positions. Please read HELP PROMOTIONS to see what will be expected.

You must be an absolute minimum of 18 years of age in real life, and
have played Lusternia for a minimum of 400 hours.

You cannot be a volunteer administrator on any other IRE game. You must
be willing to give up your character and cut all connections with your
mortal player friends. You must be willing to sign a non-disclosure
agreement. It is extremely important that you are mature and able to
separate IC from OOC responsibilities. Along the same lines, you must
also able and capable of being discrete and not disclose anything under
development to anyone who is not an administrator.

To apply, send an email to applications@lusternia.com with: - your real
name - your real age - your real occupation and for whom you work, or if
you are a student, then your school and what you're studying. - your
character(s) in Lusternia and what they've done, especially the
leadership positions you've held, and what you accomplished in them. -
why you think we should make you an Ephemeral (keeping in mind that
Ephemerals are a predecessor to Godhood). - what type of elder god(dess)
you think would be best for you

ALL EPHEMERALS ARE ALSO BUILDERS (though you need not be a mortal
builder already). In that vein, please also submit a writing sample of 5
room descriptions so we may gauge your writing skills.

CODING TRACK OPTION FOR EPHEMERALS: Instead of building, some ephemerals
take the coding track option (though this is very rare). If you are not
a creative writer but believe you would make a good coder, then, instead
of submitting a writing sample, please indicate that you wish to try the
coding track and list your qualifications.

No other special skills are required for us to consider your
application, though if you think you have any sort of background that
might help, tell us about it. This might include proven coding ability,
experience as an admin in other successful muds, excellent writing
skills, etc.

These things take time, though we'll move as quickly as we can. We may
not respond to every application - only those that we want to take
further through the process.

We expect to have far more applicants than openings. Many may apply that
are totally qualified, but we simply don't have enough openings to take
you all in. Indeed, we expect to take very few Ephemerals at this time.

Penned by My hand on the 10th of Klangiary, in the year 486 CE.