Improved Pots of Poteen!!!

Date: 3/11/2014 at 4:39
From: Estarra the Eternal
To : Everyone
Subj: Improved Pots of Poteen!!!

The leprechauns have heard some rather rude comments on how unpopular
their poteen is! Thus, they've tweaked the formula slightly. Every time
you burp up a critter, you will also get a random leprechaun blessing!

Blessings include:
- XP boost (60 minutes) (good chance)
- Crit boost (60 minutes) (small chance)
- Karma gain boost (60 minutes) (small chance)
- Essence offering boost (60 minutes) (small chance)
- Health Bonus (60 minutes) (small chance)
- Mana Bonus (60 minutes) (small chance)
- Ego Bonus (60 minutes) (small chance)
- Increased gold drops from mobs (60 minutes) (rare)
- Lessons (random) (rare)
- Czigany Coin (rare)

Note if you get the same blessing twice (except for lessons or a Czigany
coin), the bonus will NOT stack so it is best to space your burps apart.


Penned by My hand on the 4th of Dioni, in the year 378 CE.