Challenge of Nature

Date: 1/27/2014 at 3:02
From: Avechna, the Avenger
To : Everyone
Subj: Challenge of Nature

As the Trials continue, mortals gathered at the Cave of Nature, ready to
travel the Basin on a vast scavenger hunt. Archmage Tridemon McCloud
took an early lead, but was soon passed by Zyphora Windwhisper and
Ushaara Pavok. For a long while, Hallifax held the lead, but Morshoth
Ryseni and Eritheyl Lunarose quickly climbed the ranks, at one point
holding a four way tie for first. Finally, Gaudiguch pulled ahead, and
it was Eritheyl who won the Medallion of Nature and the right to compete
in the final Trial. Congratulations, Eritheyl!

The following prizes were also awarded:
Second Place (700 credits): Morshoth Ryseni, of Gaudiguch
Third Place (500 credits): Keeper Ushaara Pavok, of Hallifax
Fourth Place (250 credits): Archmage Tridemon McCloud, of Celest
Fifth Place (100 credits): Svorai Stormcrow, of Glomdoring

Penned by My hand on the 21st of Juliary, in the year 374 CE.