Great Hunt!

Date: 11/28/2013 at 1:05
From: Estarra the Eternal
To : Everyone
Subj: Great Hunt!

The Great Hunt has begun! It will run through Saturday, November 30.
During this Great Hunt, you will also enjoy double experience!

Here's how it works: for every NPC/mobile/denizen you slay or influence
during this time, you will gain points. The number of points range from
1-10 depending on the level of the denizen. You will receive bound
credits at certain level thresholds: 5 at 100 points, 10 at 1000 points,
and 15 at 2500 points. Use the command GREATHUNT to see your score and
the status of the top 10 players.

Furthermore, at the end of the Hunt, the top ten hunters with the
highest scores will receive unbound credit prizes in these amounts:

1st place: 500 credits
2nd place: 450 credits
3rd place: 400 credits each
4th place: 350 credits each
5th place: 300 credits each
6th place: 250 credits each
7th place: 200 credits each
8th place: 150 credits each
9th place: 100 credits each
10th place: 50 credits each

We will be doing three tiers of prize giving, the top 10 Demigods and
Ascendants, the top 10 Level 61-99, and the top 10 Level 60 and below.
Yes, that means we will be giving away 30 credit prizes--that's over 8k
credits total!

As always, aetherbeasts do -not- count in the Great Hunt (though they
will enjoy the double xp bonus).

Good Hunting!

Penned by My hand on the 5th of Estar, in the year 370 CE.