Birth of Classflex

Date: 11/14/2013 at 19:24
From: Estarra the Eternal
To : Everyone
Subj: Birth of Classflex

With the passing of Iosai the Anomaly, the Domoth of Knowledge became
destabilized, releasing its energies throughout all of creation. As
paradoxes of knowledge swept through the Basin of Life, reality itself
changed, as minds were opened and freed of constraints. In time, it was
discovered that this new awakening allowed for learning skills beyond
one's guild. Thus, the ability to CLASSFLEX was born.

See HELP CLASSFLEX for more information on the ability to classflex.
Also, an upgraded form of the Doctoral Cord has been released, the
Doctoral Tam (see HELP MISC ARTIFACTS). Note the Doctoral Cord's name
has been changed!

Penned by My hand on the 12th of Roarkian, in the year 368 CE.