Wargames Rules

Date: 10/8/2013 at 10:42
From: Iosai the Anomaly
To : Everyone
Subj: Wargames Rules

Anticipating issues with the design noted in the previous announce post,
I've tweaked the rules somewhat. Here is how the event will run.

You can play around with your Warteam, choosing the name and
participants freely, at any time up until the start of the event. When
the event begins, all teams will be locked and NO FURTHER CHANGES may be
made. Each Warteam can be made from up to three active players and one
substitute. See information on substitution at the end of the post.

The Wargames Event itself will run through a series of rounds and the
organisation falls down to the players. At the beginning of the event,
everyone will be assigned to Round 1. You must find another Warteam in
the same round as yours and head to a free arena together. Once everyone
is in the staging room, one player from each Warteam needs to WARTEAMS
CHALLENGE <opposing Warteam member>. Once done, a new Wargames event
will be set up in the arena and you will all be transported inside. No
other players will be allowed to join, and the Wargames will begin
automatically in three minutes. The winner will advance one round; the
loser will be cast out of the competition.

Depending on the number of teams in a round, it is possible one team
will not be able to find a match. In this instance, that one team may
challenge any other team which has been beaten in the current round. The
winner of that Wargames will move onto the next round (and potentially
rejoin the competition), while the loser will be cast out.

At any point, the Wargames Event Administrator (me, in this instance)
may disqualify a team that they feel is acting in an unsportspersonly
capacity. The reason for disqualification will be logged to the team's
status for all to see, so let's keep this clean and fair, folks. Note:
disqualification under this new system will be rare, since the games are
one team on one team events, now, so chance for interference is minimal.

When the event begins, the number of rounds required for a winner to be
declared will be determined automatically. The first Warteam to reach
that round will be declared victorious; the Warteam who loses to them
will take second place. The Warteam(s) in the preceding round to second
place are the runners up - this could be one or two Warteams.

There are prizes for first, second, and runners up (third and
potentially fourth). Each first-place Warteam member will receive 300
credits, each second-place Warteam member will receive 150 credits, and
a pool of 150 credits will be split between the runners up (25 or 50
credits each).

If there are any problems during the Wargames event, contact the
Wargames Event Administrator (me) to resolve them. This is a brand new
system and while I am hopeful there will not be any problems, there may
be teething difficulties. If another Warteam challenges you to fight and
all members are present, you should not reasonably decline. Declining
unreasonably is cause for disqualification. You cannot decline another
Warteam because you feel they are superior to you.

I want to see lots of blood shed this weekend, so start organising those
teams and be proactive about procuring fights - the only way to win is
to participate, so don't hesitate!

The last player to join the Warteam will become the substitute. A
substitute can be switched out for another player in the team at any
point during the Wargames Event itself, however, this action is
permanent and may only be done once. The substitute must be approved by
the Wargames Event Administrator. Any prizes won by a Warteam will be
given only to active members; the substitute will not be counted as a
participant in terms of awards. A substitute may not be active in any
other Warteam.

Penned by My hand on the 1st of Estar, in the year 366 CE.