Red Star Rising!

Date: 10/1/2013 at 1:29
From: Estarra the Eternal
To : Everyone
Subj: Red Star Rising!

As many of you may have seen, the ominous red star that astrologers have
been warning about has suddenly winked into view, raining a shower of
fiery crimson motes. This seems to have had a serious impact on some
bards who are searching for libraries. Help the bards this month and
perhaps unravel some of the mysteries that have occurred throughout the

Quest Details: Find the dazed bards and influence them. You may
influence up to 3 bards per Lusternian month. If you complete this
mission 21 times before the end of October, you will receive a special
ikon reward!

Penned by My hand on the 24th of Vestian, in the year 365 CE.