Envoy Reports July/August 2013

Date: 9/19/2013 at 11:36
From: Iosai the Anomaly
To : Everyone
Subj: Envoy Reports July/August 2013

o Transmology Users and Harmonics Users can now harvest up to 100
flesh/crystals from fleshpots/crystal spheres. Report 870.

o Bards protected by shields will no longer find their song effects stop
working. Report 914.

o Transmology Hekoskeri is no longer triggered on movement and is
instead an ent that attacks one person when ordered. The cure time for
sluggishness has been reduced to 5.0 seconds. Report 968.

o Telepathy's Dementia skill has been removed. Two new skills have been
added in its place: Paranoia and Confusion! Report 1029.

o Shofangi's BullCharge now causes a brief stun and has a shorter
balance. Report 1079.

o Loralaria's Convergence no longer requires the target to be asleep.
The song being played by the bard will move back two stanzas on
activation. The target will no longer be stunned and given aeon. Report

o Loralaria's AureolinAubade will now tell the bard when a victim starts
to lust after them. If a target is already lusting after the bard, there
is a chance they will receive the peace affliction. Report 1086.

o Intimidating players smaller than you will now force them to flee in a
random direction. Report 1132.

o Trackers disarming their own traps will now always succeed. Report

o Two-handed Knights will now use two arm balances rather than generic
body balance. Report 1157.

o Aeonics Paradox now costs 5 power (down from 10). Report 1162.

o Harmonics Scalpel Discharge now cures 20% health/mana/ego and up to
four afflictions. Report 1176.

o Nature Users with the treeform racial trait can now use vines from
their own bodies. Report 1184.

o Dreamweavers can now weave up to 100 motes at a time, and can use
powerstones. Report 1191.

o Axelords who hit an already cracked kneecap now generate a specific
message showing that the target goes sprawling. Report 1215.

o Paradigmatics Butterfly will no longer consume all of the player's
power if it fails to activate. Report 1218.

o Customers can now recharge cubes from cubes stocked in shops. Report

o Ninjakari Oolibah now numbs 1-3 limbs randomly. Numb limbs no longer
cause a balance malus and instead cause a poison susceptibility to
knight/monk attacks on that limb. Report 1220.

o Moon Dark can now cause hallucinations, pacified, dizziness, and
epilepsy, on top of its current list. Report 1223.

o Aquamancy's Tsunami skill has been merged into Typhoon, and Sweetfount
into Healspring. Report 1225.

o From this day forth, toads shall have no enemies. Report 1227.

o Combat Stratagems can now accept Psionic balance requirements for
actions. Report 1249.

o Wiccan Leprechauns no longer steal gold and instead collect it from
slain denizens. Report 1256.

o Cavaliers with SteedCharge can now use Athletics Barging and Charge
while mounted. Report 1257.

o Beastmasters with AdvancedRiding can now SEIZE players into the trees
while mounted. Report 1257.

o Plants may now grow more than one herb per day, if tended well enough.
Report 1238.

o There is a new skill in Phantasms for Chemancers: BurningEye! Report

o Guild Champions with the chemwood specs will now raise their
fields/mists/etc faster and find they last longer. Report 1230.

o The word 'body' no longer refers implicitly to denizen corpses, which
should mean it works better for player corpses. You should now be able
to target player corpses by the player's name slightly better (eg DROP
XENTHOS). There is a potential for this to cause some targetting issues
- if found, please BUG immediately. Report 1063.

o The presence of Colossi on aether conflict areas will now slightly
reduce the effect of a bombardment. Report 907.

Penned by My hand on the 22nd of Avechary, in the year 364 CE.