September Dingbat Extravanganza!

Date: 9/1/2013 at 0:20
From: Estarra the Eternal
To : Everyone
Subj: September Dingbat Extravanganza!

For the month of September, we are running a Dingbat Extraganza! This means
that if you purchase credits this month, you could receive dingbats! See
SHOWREWARDS to see how many credits you need to purchase to net you
dingbats (up to a max of 300 dingbats per character).

Dingbats can be used to purchase special artifacts from that irascible
scoundrel called Jeremiah Gryphta. Also, aboard the Aethership
Starhopper, Professor Gargle von Fixit, Pinky Puddleglum and the
mysterious Gnafia Gnome sell certain dingbats of dubious origins.

We've retired the earlier crop of dingbat dolls (Altaira, Necromentate,
Ruby Generator, Grutina Oakvine, Chuchip, Dracnari Dreamer and Roxie
Wingnut) and added a few new ones (Mother Night, Mother Moon and the
Emerald Generator. We will definitely be adding a few more dingbat dolls
throughout the month, so keep an eye out!

There's a new type of Manse Marvel dingbat items (sold by Jeremiah) that
we are calling Manse Tenant Generators. These generators are items that
can be used to create manse tenants who will roam around your manse.
Manse tenants are NOT loyal to the owner and can be bashed if one
wishes. They also may not be customized. You can call a maximum number
per game month (depending on the generator); however, there can never be
more than the max in existence at any time. Currently, we've released:

o Bell Rack (ring bell to generate up to 3 maids): 30 db
o Yurt (pull yurt to generate up to 3 bards ): 30 db
o Closet (knock closet to generate up to 3 butlers): 30 db
o Bookshelf (pull shelf to generate up to 3 scholars): 30 db
o Purple Chicken Coop (ring bell to generate up to 6 purple chickens): 60 db
o Glass Birdcage (turn cage to generate up to 6 hummingbirds): 60 db
o Cat Box (say 'kitty kitty kitty' to generate up to 6 ethereal cats): 60 db
o Crypt (knock crypt to generate up to 20 zombies): 200 db

Manse Tenant Generators can only be used by the owner. They must be
anchored in the manse before use with the following command: ANCHOR
<generator> (UNANCHOR <generator> to pick back up). We may also be
releasing more of these items this month! FYI, bards and scholars do
NOT work for leading them on quests! Sorry!

We also released a few auction artifacts as
o Bottle of Clarramore's Worst: 200 db by Jeremiah
o Gnomish Tattooing Goggles: 50 db by Pinky
o Inspectors Magnifying Glass 300 db by Professor Gargle von Fixit

For more information, see HELP DINGBATS. After you make a credit
purchase, please make sure you type DINGBATS to roll them into your

Penned by My hand on the 6th of Estar, in the year 363 CE.