Envoy Reports - June 2013.

Date: 7/25/2013 at 17:21
From: Iosai the Anomaly
To : Everyone
Subj: Envoy Reports - June 2013.

+ Body part damage caused to limbs with weapons (ie warrior attacks)
will now have their wounding reduced by 50% if another warrior has
struck the same limb in the last three seconds. The attacker and the
victim will see a modified message showing the partial obstruction, so
you will likely need to update your systems to account for this
additional warrior message. Report 1131.

+ Paradigmatics Reality will no longer throw into Nexus rooms or the
rooms of powerful presences. It can no longer be cast in those rooms.
Reality now takes 2-4 seconds to complete. Report 1077.

+ Psychodrama Rankings will now start at 100 points, allowing you to
deviate up and down to a greater degree. You cannot challenge someone
noticeably better or worse than you (the difference between your scores
must be less than or equal to 10% of your score + 10% of their score).
Report 1096.

+ Warrior attacks which miss and are subsequently recovered by Cavalier
Recovery will now still use normal balance rather than half balance.
Recovery now lasts two minutes, raised from one. Report 1099.

+ Harmonics Rubies cast be someone will now be destroyed when the caster
dies. Kether and similar abilities will always remove a ruby in one hit.
There is a 50% chance they will also remove a second ruby. Rubies will
no longer explode on movement and will instead explode at a rate of one
every ten seconds that the victim is away from the Researcher. Report

+ Athletics Hunger can now be used while paralysed. The balance cost for
using it has been reduced by 1.5 seconds to 3.0 seconds. The balance
cost for using Athletics Adrenaline to cure aeon has been reduced by 2.0
seconds to 4.0 seconds. Report 1140.

+ You can no longer have more than five players lusted to you at any one
time. Report 1143.

+ There is a new skill in Stealth: Caltrops! Report 1148.

+ Demigods and ascendants will now be unable to phoenix or reincarnate
for the first 30 seconds of death. Conglutination now takes 30 seconds.
Report 1168.

+ Curio masks will go inactive while you are unable to be masochistic.
Report 1174.

+ Shofangi Boganj, targetting the head, now causes broken jaw. Shofangi
Butanj has been deleted. Shofangi Boganj to the head will cause sliced
tongue if the jaw is already broken. Report 1186.

+ Squad names are now included in powerlog entries. Report 1187.

+ Amnesia will now always block the first command send. Report 1190.

+ Wicca Pooka commands now ignore shield, similar to other forcing
abilities. Report 1197.

+ Aquachemantics Aquoxitism is now boosted by blindness instead of
justice. Report 1205.

+ Geomancy StoneRain, Druidry TreeLife, Aquamancy Tsunami and Typhoon,
Aeromancy Twister, and Pyromancy FireRain now fire at the start of
demesne ticks. Geomancy Tremors now fires after Geomancy Lodestone.
Geomancy Tremors now always breaks a leg if the player going into the
effect is sprawled and stunned. Report 1206.

+ Warrior Champion Helms now give +10 speed rather than +10/+20 damage.
They now also protect equivalent to 100/100 (like Master Armour). Report

+ Beasts can now hold 20 doses of poison to spit. A single dose is now
equivalent to three sips instead of five. Report 1210.

+ Cosmic Deathsight, WaterWalk, Nimbus, Cloak, and SoulGuard can now all
be turned off. Report 1211.

+ Artifact Wands (of Ice, Fire and Wind) can now be used in
specific directions. RAISE WAND <direction>. When used like this, they
can be used indoors. You can still do a generic RAISE WAND to target all
directions. Report 1204.

+ Shadows stolen with Night Steal will now disperse shortly after
touching the ground. If at any time someone with a stolen shadow dies,
so too will their shadow. Report 1208.

Penned by My hand on the 12th of Estar, in the year 360 CE.