Cooking Curios!

Date: 7/25/2013 at 7:39
From: Estarra the Eternal
To : Everyone
Subj: Cooking Curios!

At the IRE meet in Vegas, late at night after I missed my flight (don't
ask!), I was chatting with Kelly, Xena and Knorrith and we were
discussing--you guessed it--curios!! We thought it would be interesting
to have some curios available through trade skills and after some
brainstorming I bring you our first set. Thus, we've just released
cooking curios. If these prove popular, we can look at curios for a few
other tradeskills (yes, there's ideas already in the works!)

The cooking curios are grouped in collections of four. They are bottles
which can be sprinkled once per day over any crafted food to transform
that food into a specialty food item. If you sprinkle two different
bottles from the same collection, the food will transform into a
different specialty item, and again if you sprinkle three different
bottles from the same collection. These specialty foods are highly
nutritious but don't have any special powers. However, if you sprinkle
all four bottles from the same collection onto a crafted food item, it
will give a critical hit blessing on whoever eats it. If you eat
multiple blessed items, the critical hit bonus will stack up to 5 times
(but no more) and also stacks on top of critical hit artifacts, clovers,

Cooks have a chance of receiving a curio piece the first time they cook
or bake an item after the first of the Lusternian month. This chance is
ONLY on the FIRST item cooked or baked that month and not subsequent
attempts. There is a 5% chance of receiving a curio piece (10% if you
own an artifact spatula) on your first successful crafting attempt.

You can also purchase cooking curios directly from the artifact shop.
I've also put them up for the artifact sale if you wish to purchase them
directly at (this sale ends at the end
of the month).

Bon appetite!

Penned by My hand on the 2nd of Estar, in the year 360 CE.