Envoy Reports - May 2013.

Date: 6/12/2013 at 22:07
From: Iosai the Anomaly
To : Everyone
Subj: Envoy Reports - May 2013.

o There is a new skill in Tracking - Trip! Report 1033.

o Nexus Ripple now causes eq loss rather than stun. Report 1001.

o The effect of allergies upon writhe time has been decreased by 50%.
Report 1009.

o A few more commands are available to people in liquidform and ghost.
Report 1075.

o The Snoefaasia fae is now much less effective (about 20% instead of
70% movement blocking). Report 1114.

o Harmonics Diamonds now provide summon resistance instead of passive
shielding. Report 1135.

o Weaving custom illusions now has a cooldown roughly equivalent to its
old equilibrium cost. Report 1137.

o Astrology Nativity no longer has an equilibrium cost. It still
requires eq/bal. Report 1150.

o Dramaturgy Jealousy now provides a 25% damage boost (down from 50%)
for 40 ego per second (up from 1). Report 1163.

o Phantasms Phantomsphere's instakill now requires 8 spheres (up from
4). Detonate's damage has been re-scaled accordingly. Report 1166.

o Necroscream Bards now see when their SickeningPlague and
WrathfulCanticle effects strike. Report 1167.

o Minstrelry's Jamboree now only sends a message to the affected person
if an affliction is actually cured. Report 1172.

o Ascendant beast powers are now permanent once imbued. You can only
have one on a beast at any time. You can manifest the power again to
remove it from your beast. Report 1175.

o The equilibrium cost of Wicca's Willowisp summon has been reduced to
3.0 seconds. The willowisp will only fade away upon a successful summon.
Report 1179.

o Shofangi's Logami grapple now increases balance on the relevant arm by
25%, instead of 200%. Report 1182.

o Owning an artifact Pantograph reduces the commodity outlay of
maintaining furniture by 50%. Report 1183.

Penned by My hand on the 11th of Tzarin, in the year 356 CE.