Envoy Reports - April 2013.

Date: 5/26/2013 at 13:47
From: Iosai the Anomaly
To : Everyone
Subj: Envoy Reports - April 2013.

o Necromancy's DeathWeapon no longer reduces stats on warrior weapons.
If an attack causes the contagion effect, damage caused by the weapon is
decreased slightly. If it does not (and you are the giver of the death
mark), damage is increased slightly. Report 848.

o Glamours Flare now gives dazzle (afterimage) straight away - it does
not need to (and indeed now cannot) strip blindness first. Report 1010.

o The caster of Phantasms Reality will now see when the effect hits
someone, if they are in the same room. Report 1023.

o Transmology's Claws mutation can now be used on denizens. Report 1030.

o The strength scaling of shield stun has been drastically reduced.
Report 1037.

o Ecologists with Transmigration can now toggle their ability on or off.
Report 1054.

o You can now fly into the skies in extreme winds if you have a Brooch
of the Tempest, though the balance taken will be double that of normal.
Report 1056.

o Hexes Whammy now allows you to throw two unmasked hexes for 0 power.
DoubleWhammy allows you to throw two masked hexes for 1 power.
HexenPalms now allows you to draw three hexes on your palms, which can
be used without drawing first. Report 1073.

o Tweaked the defence line for Runes RunicAmulet to include how many
charges are left.

o Dramaturgists can now inspire others. Report 1110.

o Wiccan Fae now act approximately 2 seconds faster than previously (10
seconds for the majority of fae). Report 1119.

o Pureblade Furrow now causes bleeding on impact and severs an artery.
The message has changed. Report 1121.

o There is now a five-second cooldown after a Great Pentagram dissipates
before another can be raised in the same room. Report 1126.

o The health drain for maintaining Necromancy Putrefaction has been
decreased. Report 1128.

o Pyromancy's Salamanders now give daydreaming instead of sunallergy.
Report 1129.

o The balance cost and stun time on Stealth Waylay has been reduced. A
successful waylay will give the attacker +1 momentum. Report 1144.

o Summoned fae and Illuminati entities are now immune to critical hits.
Report 1146.

o Slightly increased the health of angels, demons, and Transmology
entities. Report 1146.

o Harmonics Convoke now resolves much faster. Report 1124.

Penned by My hand on the 20th of Kiani, in the year 355 CE.