Envoy Reports - March 2013.

Date: 4/29/2013 at 9:17
From: Iosai the Anomaly
To : Everyone
Subj: Envoy Reports - March 2013.

+ Artisans can now craft tea sets for Brewmeisters on the go! Report

+ Nekotai ScorpionStrike can now be used from the trees elevation.
Report 878.

+ Transmology Fleshmounds and Harmonics Spires will only protect from
death if the protection is enabled. Report 883.

+ The amount of mana drained by the powersink investable power for
Celestialism/Nihilism now scales to max mana. Report 966.

+ The win condition for village influencing has been tweaked downwards
slightly, which should make it less lightly to drag on for extended
periods of time. Report 1031.

+ Music users will now see when their victim does not hear their song
due to deafness. Report 1038.

+ Harbingers will now see when their Bloodycaps, Shadowpulse and
Spidercantiga effects hit. Report 1045.

+ GMCP now reports whether or not you are impaling someone with a weapon
by sending '-1' as left or right arm balance. Report 1062.

+ The affliction message acting while legpinned has changed to report
which foot is pinned. Report 1062.

+ If Runes Rad, Cosmic Beckon, Wicca Willowisp, Ninjakari Ninukhi, or
Transmology Sing fail, the user will lose bal/eq for 2 seconds. Report

+ There is a new skill in Loralaria: StratusSerenade! Report 1085.

+ GateMasters can now transverse for greatly decreased equilibrium.
Report 1087.

+ Loralaria's VioletVibrato now triggers the second affliction
intelligently. Report 1090.

+ Tarot's Enigma now triggers its second card intelligently. Report

+ Cavaliers now have access to the LegTendon wound on heavy jabs. Report

+ Tahtetso Bomrakobo no longer causes a momentum loss. Report 1108.

+ Unlocking or being removed from a command module will cause an
aethership to stop sealing a dock. Report 1027.

+ Moon Waxing is now a passive health regeneration affected by the lunar
phase. Report 1082.

+ Wildewood and Wyrdenwood with Moonhart and Wyrden bark respectively
can now barkguard elder trees. Report 1091.

+ Aquachemantics Depuration, and the equivalent radial damage skill in
other chem/wood specs, now greatly impede enemy movement while their
effect is growing. Report 1024.

+ Trackers can now lay snakes in normal pits to convert it to a snake
pit. Using this method you can have a snake pit with fewer than five
snakes in it. Report 1076.

Penned by My hand on the 19th of Estar, in the year 353 CE.