Wildewood Special Report

Date: 3/9/2013 at 18:33
From: Iosai the Anomaly
To : Everyone
Subj: Wildewood Special Report

o Aquachemantics Novamist, Wildewood Wildecall, and Aerochemantics
Static now cost 5 power each. Report 1042.

o Wildewood Wildecall can now take an animal argument to specify which
animal will come to you. Report 1042.

o Delayed effects in Aquachemantics, Wildewood, Aerochemantics and the
future specs now have a QL line showing the effect that is pending (in
all rooms it will effect). Report 1047.

o The delayed effects are now locked in on the room in which they are
cast. The radius of effect is also locked in at the time of casting.
Report 1047.

o Links can now be broken using [MIST|WILDEWOOD|AEROWORK] UNLINK
<target>. Report 1048.

o Wildewood fawns now only heal mana if you have less than 95% of your
max. Badgers only proc on damage over 100. Report 1051.

o Wildewoods now have the inherent racial ability to BARKTOUCH someone.
Report 1053.

o Glancing at ground and tree elevations now has no bal/eq cost for
Wildewoods. Perspective changes are much faster. Report 1055.

o Wildewoods have had their constitution and charisma increased by 1 and
now have a level 1 resistance to cold damage. Report 1055.

o Wildewood Bluebell now gives blindness or luminous, HornedLily gives a
random broken limb, Moontear gives a fractured skull and Faeblossom
gives slickness. Report 1058.

o Wildewood Bluehorn now also has a middling mana drain. Report 1069.

o There is a new skill in Wildewood: AutumnalSurge! Report 1052.

o You can now [MIST|WILDEWOOD|AEROWORK] CONCENTRATE to bring all your
effects in sync. Report 1072.

o You will now see how many seconds until your effects tick in

Penned by My hand on the 7th of Estar, in the year 349 CE.