Challenge of the Seal of War

Date: 2/17/2013 at 1:39
From: Avechna, the Avenger
To : Everyone
Subj: Challenge of the Seal of War

Avechna's voice boomed across the Basin of Life and the mortal warriors
within responded, gathering upon Mount Avechna for the brutal battles
that are the War Challenge. Seven teams from across the Basin battled in
what is certainly history's fastest Seal of War challenge.

This Ascension's challenge took the form of a double elimination
tournament. Though they fought fiercely, the first time to be eliminated
were Ryboi D'Varden of Celest along with Aerys Tarsuhl and Enyalida
Zayah of the Serenwilde commune.

Veyrzhul and Malicia La'Saet of New Celest were next to fall along with
their teammate Morbo Gordian from the city of Hallifax. Simultaneously,
Shazbat Attack, composed of Viynain Erid'in of Gaudiguch and Celina
Nightshade and Elanorwen Myeras of the Glomdoring commune, was defeated.

Next to be eliminated was the all-Glomdoring team of Svorai Stormcrow,
Nihta Eli'Silar and Morkarion nLochli. Their defeat was followed by the
elimination of Akyaevin and Thalkros n'Lochli of the Tainted city of
Magnagora along with their teammate Malarious Nightshade of the

In an unusual twist, the final match was held on this same weave!
Reflecting the newly forming alliances within the Basin of Life it was a
team of those from the Glomdoring commune and the city of Gaudiguch that
battled with a team composed of those from the city of New Celest and
the Serenwilde commune.

In the end it was the oddly named Team Sihuydi that won out. Sidd and
Vadi Stormcrow of Glomdoring along with Shuyin of Gaudiguch were
declared the victorious team. Second place went to Queen Xena of New
Celest as well as Sondayga Zayah and Rivius Tarsuhl of Serenwilde.

From the winning team it was Sidd who claimed the Seal of War! His
teammates claimed 500 credits each with the second, third and fourth
place teams claiming 100 credits each.

Mortals have little time to delight in their victories or mourn their
losses, however, as the next challenge is quickly approaching in the
coming months.

Penned by My hand on the 12th of Vestian, in the year 347 CE.