Envoy Reports - January 2013.

Date: 2/16/2013 at 22:01
From: Iosai the Anomaly
To : Everyone
Subj: Envoy Reports - January 2013.

o Stealth Ghostwalk's distance has been increased from 15 rooms to 40
rooms. Report 899.

o Necroscream's CarillonKnell is now 100% excorable damage. Report 976.

o Tracking's Armour ability now has a much shorter balance cost and the
syntax has changed slightly. Report 990.

o Night Scourge now steals 1.25 seconds of balance from the target.
Report 1013.

o Tarot's Moon card now costs 2 power and gives stupidity, dizziness and
confusion simultaneously. Tarot's Enigma can no longer cause the Moon
card. Report 1016.

o Hailstorms now obscure exits in rooms, like blizzards or rainstorms.

o Loralaria's AureolinAubade now allows you to PLAY AUREOLINAUBADE to
see those lusting after you. Those with Paradigmatics Enthrall can now
also SHIFT ENTHRALLED, for the same effect. Report 1021.

o When deafness is given by a mobile, it will strip truehearing before
it gives deafness. You can now see someone's mouth moving as they talk
in your room if you are deaf and not blind. Report 1022.

o Aquachemantics, Wildewood and Aerochemantics all have a new ability to
raise their mists, flowers and fields simultaneously. It costs 3 power.
They can now also target these effects without their victim in the room
and can disperse any one at will. Report 1015.

o Artisans have a new ability - Maintain! Report 1008.

Penned by My hand on the 9th of Vestian, in the year 347 CE.