Envoy Reports - December 2012.

Date: 1/22/2013 at 9:47
From: Iosai the Anomaly
To : Everyone
Subj: Envoy Reports - December 2012.

The last of the envoy reports from December 2012, bringing to a close
another year of fantastic feedback, upgrades, and reviews of Lusternia's
state of balance. Here we go!

o Night's ShadowTwist now causes blindness and prone on the first
tighten. Report 905.

o Celestialism's Atone ability now has a chance to strip two defences
and has had its equilibrium cost reduced. Report 924.

o Music's MinorSeventh affliction now only affects damage from the Magic
(charisma) source. Report 957.

o Hunters may now STOKE CAMPFIRE to keep it burning a while longer.
Report 971.

o Rituals Rubeus now shows the user which affliction has been avoided.
There is now a message when Rubeus departs. Report 975.

o If you try to writhe again while you are already writhing, you will
simply be told you are writhing and will not start the sequence again.
Report 986.

o Bonecrushers may now cause their victim to fall over when causing the
CrushLeg affliction. Report 992.

o Night Steal now uses 2.00 seconds of equilibrium. Report 993.

o Moon Dark now only costs 3 power when used untargetted. Report 997.

o Acrobatics Hyperactive has been reworked. The defence now lasts
longer, costs 5 power, and allows certain effects triggered on entering
or leaving a room to be avoided. Report 946.

o Tailoring Splendours can now be repaired forever without fading to
tawdry robes. Report 994.

o Trans Tradeskill items will no longer function if you do not have the
relevant tradeskill active. Admin decision.

o There is a new skill in Dreamweaving: Dreamsearch! Report 999.

o There is a new skill in Dreamweaving: Tether! Report 999.

o Aquamancers can now dampen their whirlpools at will. Report 994.

Penned by My hand on the 22nd of Dioni, in the year 345 CE.