Envoy Reports - September 2012.

Date: 10/17/2012 at 9:19
From: Iosai the Anomaly
To : Everyone
Subj: Envoy Reports - September 2012.

o Night Gather will prevent mana regeneration of players without the
Night skill. Report 885.

o There is a new skill in Necroscream: Dyscrasia! Report 904.

o Shamanism Frogs can now hit each person up to three times. The chance
for each successive hit decreases with the number of people in the room.
Report 918.

o Minstrelry DrinkingSong reduces the chance to fumble by approximately
25%. Report 937.

o Harmonics Bloodstone will now give an affliction when it hits its
target that causes clotting to fail approximately 20% of the time. This
affliction will cure by itself as you try to clot. Report 947.

o You can now CLOT #, where # is a multiplier. This multiplier is
ignored under command-delay conditions. Report 929.

o Levitation no longer gives immunity against Environment's Shaking
ability, though it will prevent any damage that falling from the trees
might cause. Cling gives a good resistance to shaking, which is
increased if you have both Cling in Environment and are bonded to the
Monkey totem; Crow Perch gives immunity. Shaking now has a balance cost
associated with it. Report 952.

o Loralaria's FleckedFortissimo song power now ticks alongside
VioletVibrato and RedRubato. Report 967.

o Music's Powerspikes affliction (MajorSeventh) should now always cure
last among the auric afflictions when removed by a "random cure"-type
skill. Report 958.

o The Shadowdancer's Champion pet, Black Shuck, has received new
afflictions: approximately 300 bleeding, blackout, and throatlock.
Report 960.

o Veneration abilities that affect Godrealms now affect both the realm
and temple areas. Report 965.

o There is a new skill in Artisan: TowelingStation! Report 884.

o You can now use an ARM modifier in Stratagems. This will cause the
entry to trigger with only one arm on balance. Report 789.

o Enchanters can now disenchant flame sigils on other objects. Report

Penned by My hand on the 21st of Dvarsh, in the year 337 CE.