Envoy Reports - August 2012.

Date: 9/13/2012 at 20:31
From: Iosai the Anomaly
To : Everyone
Subj: Envoy Reports - August 2012.

o The effects of alcohol withdrawal have been reduced. Report 837.

o Squad commands now consume half the equilibrium they did before.
Report 866.

o Druidry's Swarm passive no longer has a chance to cause two levels of
allergies in the trees. Report 880.

o Telekinesis Burst's chance to cause 1 vessel has increased, and the
chance to cause 3 vessels decreased. Report 898.

o Aeonics Insight now shows the name of the affliction it prevents.
Report 926.

o Loralaria's ClearCapriccio now ticks alacrity instantly and cures two
afflictions on use. If a diamond is attached, Alacrity will continue for
three bonus ticks and two bonus afflictions will be cured instantly.
Report 932.

o A few basic commands can now be used while in some locked-down states,
such as Glamours Nature/Statue, Crow Hibernate, Shamanism Trance, and
meditation. Report 935.

o The bleeding given by Wicca Redcap has been made more reliable. The
damage given by a bloodfed barghest has been decreased, but the bleeding
increased. Report 940.

o Discipline's Breathing skill now functions outside of DMP. It starts
out giving a 100% resistance to asphyxiation damage. This decrases by 5%
every 3 seconds. After one minute, you will have no protection and will
be recovering your breath for another minute. Any skills that modify the
hold breath counter will still have a proportional effect on reducing
the timer. Report 801.

o Crow's CrowTongue ability can now be used to target other players and
use prefatory phrases. All say commands will now parse out any emoticons
if the say-type does not support them (and would end up in plain-text).
Report 942.

o As an aside (not as a result of an Envoy report), any forced command
that would try to consume 5 or more power from the victim will now be

o The confusion affliction found in Baalphegar's pact for Nihilists has
been replaced by a new affliction: DarkFate. Report 930.

o Grace has been almost completely removed. It is no longer possible to
receive permanent grace. You may in some circumstances still get grace
(eg after using the arena), but it will generally last no longer than
fifteen seconds. A notable exception is post-village grace, which
remains at two minutes. Report 931.

o The following skills now have caster-side messages if the caster is in
the room when the effect dissipates: Paradigmatics BadLuck and
GreyWhispers, Aeonics Oracle and TimeEchoes, Sacraments Heretic and
Infidel, Tarot Dreamer, and Moon Dark. Nature Faeriefire has a room-wide
fade message. Report 901.

o REFRESH POWER and REFRESH ME now require that neither ability has been
used in order to use one. REFRESH <order member> now only works for
other Order members, not yourself. Report 903.

o Music's PerfectFifth now only breaks after a Druid raises their cudgel
if the bard and the victim are actually separated at the end of the
movement. Report 910.

o There is a new skill in Ecology: SnakeBond! Report 896.

o Telepathy's Interference ability now only halves mob damage resistance
and has no effect against damage types to which the creature is immune.
No report (admin decision).

Penned by My hand on the 18th of Shanthin, in the year 334 CE.