Changelog Archive #7

Date: 8/21/2012 at 15:18
From: Iosai the Anomaly
To : Everyone
Subj: Changelog Archive #7

Changelog Entry #1 (Posted: 2012/05/28 12:31:48)
o Re-worked Cavalier Heft to fix a few bugs and typos.

o Kirigami charms no longer do a full refresh of your statistics, and
instead restore half of what you're missing for health, mana, ego,
endurance, and willpower (standard only).

o Fixed a bug that would allow people with very high alcohol tolerance
to never go beyond a certain level of drunkenness. It is now possible
for everyone (even those who drink daily and have high inherent
tolerance) to become suicidally intoxicated.

o You can now SIP ICEDTEA to specifically target only tea stored in
vials that have been chilled.

o There are now prompts between all actions performed via Combat

o You can no longer erect shrines in a room that you could not sanctify
(ie a room next to another sanctified room or a shrine).

o When you assign someone as the leader of a project, they will now
receive a notification of it.

o Homunculus resurrection will now work properly for Ascendants.

o You will now see a message when Heartstopping if it strips your vitae

o Fixed a bug with Illusory Dopplegangers not absorbing damage often
enough against multiple attacks (eg one-handed weapons, kata forms).

o The number of people that can attack or defend a construct has been
raised to 20 (from 10).

o FIRSTAID CUREQUEUE now ignores aeon/stupidity/etc, as with the other
FirstAid commands.

o You can no longer transverse away from Music PerfectFifth.

o The ghostly wolves of Verasavir will now properly brand you an enemy
when you kill them.

o You can now sprint across water if you could normally walk across it.

o CHOP/MULCH will now target more intelligently.

o Ribbachi will now be cloaked from ENT if they are following someone
other than their owner.

o Moonbeam now properly triggers Planar Aethersight.

o You can no longer GRIP without anything wielded.

o Missus Skritch on Bottledowns is now the contact for re-opening
dealings with the Gnafia, if you have managed to get on their naughty

o Fixed a bug when leaving the arena that would sometimes make your
loyal creatures not come back to your elevation.

o You can now pare down the results of EMOTIONLIST with a search
parameter, eg 'EMOTIONLIST NOD' to find all emotes with the phrase 'nod'
in (for example, nodnod, simplenod, etc).

o Publishing a book now comes with a family honour bonus. The size of
the bonus depends on the book's weight.

Changelog Entry #3 (Posted: 2012/05/29 19:58:09)
o Combat KeenEye now allows Stag users to see when their antlers induce
a poison.

o Fixed a typo in the message for Harmony DeathTouch.

o Denizens will now properly defend each other, even if you manage to
one-shot their ally.

o Fixed a bug with origami wearing off. It was returning half of your
current endurance/willpower, instead of half of your missing

Changelog Entry #4 (Posted: 2012/05/29 21:44:16)
o The following verbs now accept a 'HERE' modifier: push, turn/twist,
pull, touch, light, ring, shake. Example: TOUCH CUBE HERE. This will
only target items in your physical room, ignoring your inventory.

Changelog Entry #5 (Posted: 2012/05/30 13:10:00)
o In an addendum to changelog #4, you can now PROBE <object> HERE and
READ <object> HERE.

o FILL <keg> FROM <fountain> now takes as much as possible, instead of
one vial's worth.


o Fixed a typo in NEXUS STATUS.

Changelog Entry #6 (Posted: 2012/05/31 22:47:39)
o Fixed a bug with squad bashing bonuses.

Changelog Entry #7 (Posted: 2012/06/03 18:13:40)
o Attempts to touch transplanar objects in distorted areas now use the
city/commune enemy status rather than the plane's enemy status (eg
Celestia, Earth). This is in line with the standard distort check.

o CHELP EDIT/DELETE now shows up in CITY/COMMUNE PRIVS if you are able
to use them.

o CLEAVE now shows "nothing here by that name" messages by default.

o You can now engrave weapons that have been runed.

o Slightly decreased the karma gain from sanctifying shrines.

o Fixed a bug with Knighthood StandardBearer's defence line when viewed
by other players.

Changelog Entry #8 (Posted: 2012/06/04 19:08:13)
o Fixed a typo in the message sent when you try to cure sliced forehead
if you are scalped. It is now: "You feel your forehead try to mend, but
it is just too damaged."

o Lesser Houses can no longer disown family members.

o Elementalism MageLock no longer consumes mana unless it is used

Changelog Entry #9 (Posted: 2012/06/10 20:16:43)
o Trademasters of Cooking cartels may now use DESIGN <#> TYPE <foo>
freely between types Dishes, Delicacies, Cuisine, and Gourmet, provided
the design is not originating from type Pastries.

Changelog Entry #10 (Posted: 2012/06/10 12:31:58)
o Many (but not all) emotes can now be used with the 'HERE' modifier at
the end, eg POKE EGG HERE. This will emote at the first egg in your room
(if there is one), completely ignoring your inventory.

o Free-For-Alls will no longer end before they have started if one of
only two players heartstops.

o Gnome and Fink kill counts now show on ACHIEVEMENT STATS.

o Dramatics Review will no longer consume mana/willpower if you try to
turn it on/off and it is already on/off.

o You can no longer weave illusions during the secondary phase of
Vengeance games.

o Illusions ChangeSelf now respects racehats slightly better.

o You can now ENVENOM LEFT/RIGHT to target wielded items. Either of
these will work if you are wielding a twohanded weapon.

Changelog Entry #11 (Posted: 2012/06/13 11:46:46)
o Telekinesis PsychicFist now properly has a chance to stun when used
against the chest, as per the AB file.

o Tahtetso and Phantasms now have custom learning messages.

Changelog Entry #12 (Posted: 2012/06/13 15:30:50)
o Nekotai ScorpionSpit's untargetted spit is no longer aggressive.

o You can now COAT LEFT and COAT RIGHT to target wielded items.

Changelog Entry #13 (Posted: 2012/06/17 12:57:56)
o Mentors can now reject proteges.

o Illusions ChangeSelf no longer consumes mana/willpower unless

o GTS no longer breaks enchanting at a pentagram.

o Fixed a typo in the first-person message for Influence Charm.

Changelog Entry #14 (Posted: 2012/06/26 18:29:13)
o Fixed a typo in the ambient message for Sandalwood.

o You can now do WP <object> HERE.

Changelog Entry #17 (Posted: 2012/07/11 21:51:02)
o You can no longer attach teardrop sigils to things other than vials
and bottles.

o Tae'dae Bearhug now has a custom death message.

Changelog Entry #18 (Posted: 2012/07/14 13:00:03)
o If you learn a language through Bookbinding, and then changeling or
reincarnate into a race which speaks that language, and later changeling
or reincarnate into a race which does not, you will not forget the
learned language.

o Fixed a bug that made it impossible to die from Necromancy

Changelog Entry #19 (Posted: 2012/07/15 08:10:48)
o You must now be mounted to beast kick.

Changelog Entry #20 (Posted: 2012/07/16 19:31:43)
o FWHO is now a safe word for enchanting and similar.

Changelog Entry #21 (Posted: 2012/07/16 22:25:47)
o In line with other prompt stats, the mounted identifier "m" is no
longer replaced with a "-" when you are dismounted. It simply is not

Changelog Entry #22 (Posted: 2012/07/22 21:08:53)
o Fixed a bug that was preventing Loralaria users from accessing the
GemAffinity ability granted by a recent envoy report.

o It is no longer possible to squeeze a shadow more than four times.

Changelog Entry #23 (Posted: 2012/07/26 23:26:20)
o Fixed a bug with resurrection that would sometimes allow an instant
and delayed resurrection to both trigger at once.

o Fixed a bug with Cavalier Heft that would cause it to consume more
balance than it should when hitting twice on swings.

Changelog Entry #24 (Posted: 2012/08/11 17:54:05)
o Fixed a typo when trying to pitch a tent.

o Fixed some instances of 'licorice' to be 'liquorice'. May affect
bashing triggers.

o Fixed a bug with rainbow vials not working when linked to the liquid

o Typing ATTACK <creature> when you are in a monk archetype will no
longer generate syntax errors as it tries to create the 'basicbash'

o Telepathy PsychicVampirism's ongoing drain will now clear up faster
when the target dies or otherwise becomes immune to attack.

o GMCP Char.Status and Char.Vitals now update when you level up.

Changelog Entry #25 (Posted: 2012/08/12 20:58:17)
o You can no longer use Music's PerfectFifth on yourself, even under

o Auto FirstAid will no longer spam cures while you're locked out
(displacement, inquisition, bubble, fleshstone, liquidform, toad,

o If you are off psionic eq and try to use an attack, you will now see
"You must regain psionic equilibrium first." instead of the standard EQ

Changelog Entry #27 (Posted: 2012/08/15 15:10:57)
o The NARROW emote now respects that Krokani only have one eye.

Changelog Entry #28 (Posted: 2012/08/15 16:35:12)
o The Icewynd contrivance will now drop you to the room northwest of
where it used to go. The new room is #23187. This is to prevent it from
dropping you next to an ice mound.

Changelog Entry #29 (Posted: 2012/08/16 17:12:58)
o Fixed a bug in Knighthood attacks affecting wound proc chance.

Changelog Entry #30 (Posted: 2012/08/18 13:01:14)
o Fixed a typo in the first-person message for Starhymn's AvengingAngel.

o You can now WIPE LEFT/RIGHT.

o If you try to guard someone you are already guarding with Cavalier
Guard, you will not lose balance/eq.

Changelog Entry #31 (Posted: 2012/08/18 18:03:38)
o Paranoia, when given by a slaugh, is now properly masked.

Changelog Entry #32 (Posted: 2012/08/21 13:36:51)
o Fixed a typo in the third-person message for writhing free of the
final pinleg in a player's right leg. The word "only" was missing before

o Riftable items pulled from the Christmas Stocking promotional item
will now automatically go into your rift where possible.

o Ecology's HerbBane ability will no longer cause herbs to be consumed
when it procs if you are in the arena.

o You can now use the CONTEMPLATE emote on mobiles, even if you have the
ability in Discernment.

o You can now touch most constructs with the HERE modifier at the end of
the command (previously this was not working and would generate a normal
TOUCH command instead of a transport or some other power).

Penned by My hand on the 11th of Estar, in the year 333 CE.