Artifact Releases!

Date: 11/2/2011 at 19:19
From: Estarra the Eternal
To : Everyone
Subj: Artifact Releases!

We have decided to release the following artifacts (previously seen in
auctions) as regular artifacts for sale:

Pot of Keeping: 200 credits
- Will keep 12 plants viable for replanting. No growth involved.
- Located in Artisan Artifact Shop

Mark of the Devoted Servant: 400 credits
- Increases essence generated from influencing godrealm mobs by 10%
- TOUCH MARK to customize to your divine if available
- Located in General Artifact Shop (Divine Devices bin)

Manna of the Gods: 1100 credits
- Can be consumed (one use and it vanishes)
- +30 extra weight for demigod powers
- Does not stack
- Located in General Artifact Shop (Divine Devices bin)

Great Rune of Spatial Glassworks: 275 credits
- Attach rune to vial will make vial permanent (one use only);
RP messages that rune clones itself and second one attaches to vial.
After rune is attuned to a vial, it can then be attached to a keg
in a normal manner (makes keg permanent if not already).
- When the vial empties "You notice a $vial seems to refill" so long
as the bonded keg could refill it.
- Located in the Vial Artifact Shop

Great Rune of Planar Mastery: 475 credits
- Allows users to transverse to any plane connected to a gate.
- Located in General Artifact Shop (Transplanar bin)

Scroll of Laurels: 225 credits
- Hide your honours and instead show a custom line written by the owner.
- Syntax:
HONOUR TEXT <text> (to set honours line)
HONOUR HIDE <ON/OFF> (to hide or reveal honour line)
- Located in General Artifact Shop (Misc bin)

Great Rune of Enchanted Focus: 150 credits
- Makes focus enchantment never run out.
- Located in Rune Artifact Shop (Misc bin)

Penned by My hand on the 8th of Klangiary, in the year 309 CE.