Bug Fixes and Idea Changes

Date: 9/24/2010 at 7:16
From: Dranor, God of Imagination
To : Everyone
Subj: Bug Fixes and Idea Changes

I've been working through the very back of the bug and idea queue, through the bugs that have proved to be too obscure or too difficult for some of our coders to fix. Some of the fixes and changes listed below are from idea and bug reports that were filed over three years ago:

- You can now probe the Hermit tarot card to see where it will take you when
you fling it.

- You can now destroy unwanted bones that are currently drying.

- Telepathy Radiance now has its own spiffy death message.

- Befriend has been added to Trailblazing.

- Demon/Seraph Presences will no longer show the full title.

- HELP GALVANISM now indicates that the grounding defense has a mana drain.

- You can now set up house and shop taxes to autopay from your bank accounts.

- Proposal development building exits will no longer cause an untrapped error
if you do not specify a valid destination.

- Rejected exit proposals will no longer generate a free building proposal

- When a family's presiding member is replaced due to inactivity, only clan
members who are currently members of the family will be eligible to be the
clan leader.

- When the presiding member is removed from the family clan for any reason,
a new eldest active presiding member will be chosen.

- City leaders can now read the logs of any townes that are loyal to the

- When new guilds are created with the charter system (god forbid!), they
will automatically be assigned project groups.

- City/Council help files now display the guild's affiliation with that org.

- If a lesson fails because the teacher enters the newsroom or the editor,
the existing lesson should now be properly cleared on both the student and
the teacher.

- Gravehands will no longer affect someone who is not actually fully logged
into the game (like entering password, in the newsroom, OL editor, etc).

- Devotion rites should no longer affect someone who is not actually fully
logged into the game (same as above).

- Design approvers should now see a line of text when a design that they can
review is submitted.

- Xiur is now linked to the 'View Players by Race' option on the webpage.

- The city leader position name and position holder should now be properly
listed for cities/councils on the website.

- Ruling council members for cities/councils should now be properly divided
on the website.

- The guild leader position name should now be properly listed for guilds on
the website.

- Organizational information on the website should now update automatically
as that information changes in-game.

- Fixed the appearance of the ability lists on the website.

- Fixed honours listings on the website.

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Penned by my hand on the 19th of Vita, in the year 619 AD.