Date: 6/18/2015 at 6:36
From: Toma Ashtear, Lightning Breaker
To : Everyone
Subj: Antioch.

This is for the Antioch of old, and for what's left of the once proud paragon of Aetherius.

You have fallen. the once shining jewel of the desert, my once permanent home. You have been desecrated by leaders so bloodthirsty, that they think that the ends will justify the means. The citizens that know better have already left, leaving those that will bend their knee and sacrifice enemy corpses along with their own allied dead to Urzog and his Horde engineers. Antioch was founded as a place of safety and acceptance, yet now its anything except that.

You have aligned yourself with Aetherius's one true enemy, forgotten the face of your father, and deserve whatever vengeance the world will deliver unto you. Once the horde finally turns and mark my words they will, Who will come to your aid? Even if the horde stays and you accomplish your goal, how low will you stoop to earn your victory. How many morals will you throw into Urzog's bloody pools. How much blood magic will you use, how many morals do you have left. Even if he doesn't make you kneel and worship him there are many more ways to make dogs bark and come to heel. You do his bidding, and now you're no better than the Horde itself.

Antioch, you could of been something brilliant, a beautiful shining star. Now you're scum, tossing away your morality by bringing in those bloody enemies that are on equal par with the demons of old, and welcoming them in with open arms. You are beyond my help at this point, and the Ki sun cannot grace the skies to warn Aetherius any longer, but those who are wise still see the danger have already moved far from the source.

As the last Ignitis of Ki, I warn you. The Horde is on the move, they threaten your borders, they move their troops in efforts to crush, and they have a new ally. One willing to break oaths and do whatever it takes to destroy you.

This is only the beginning. The worst is yet to come.

Toma Ashtear.

Penned by my hand on the 10th of Vita, in the year 79 AM.