Date: 9/10/2014 at 14:10
From: Verexa Talmarian
To : Everyone
Subj: Election

Tidings Stavenn,

I have decided to contest Ellarynth, one of Stavenn's longest reigning Ephors, because I feel that change is indeed good for the soul as well as for the city.

While Ellarynth has done a fine job of maintaining the day-to-day affairs of the Empire, I feel that the atmosphere of stagnancy over the last several decades, even before I came to Demonic side, is a product of well-entrenched leadership. I do not doubt the sincerity of the current leadership in wanting to serve the Empire, but rather, I mean to suggest that it has become difficult to keep things lively and fresh for new and old citizens.

Now, I realize this contestation comes at an awkward time since Isadarr has also challenged Maglust, but I was spurred into making this decision by Ishtar's post. I do not believe Isadarr's bid is one motivated by a lust for power or anything as nefarious as has been insinuated. Instead Isadarr, much like myself, is motivated by the thirst for a city that can thrive once more, and by the looks of recent times it has been become clear that the only way to achieve such a goal is to effect change through replacement.

Thus, I ask you to place your faith in me for I am deeply motivated to work with each one of you as we guide the Empire towards a new era of renewed strength so that we may once again feel the tickle of pride in our breast that has evaded us for far too long.

Verexa Talmarian

Penned by my hand on the 11th of Bellum, in the year 56 AM.