Rebels, please

Date: 3/21/2014 at 22:53
From: Sai Ahkan Dios, Ultimatum of Sukhder
To : Everyone
Subj: Rebels, please

Ahkan again. Fat woodling is taking a nap. So we're going to find another scribe. The fancy one is just glaring at me disapprovingly, so Bloody, you're up.



SMASH. KILL. THIS. IS. LEECHWOOD. THIS IS WHERE WE FIGHT. No, stop it. Bad. Ok. Quit stabbing the love-sick one. Go to your corner. ROCK MAN IS AN IDIOT.

So, that experiment didn't pan out very well. Even I know the drunk woodling is a terrible idea. So we're just going to try the l
ove-sick woodling.

My dearest Rebels, You can't say that. We donu0092t like crazy. No. We donu0092t.

Dearest Rebels. Nice try, but no. Hmm. Maybe we can work around this. Compromise? Insulting and loving.

Rebels, if you were a boogers, I'd pick you first. Nailed it. Good job! Rock man has just slammed his head into mine.

I'm sorry that you're having trouble with your rebellion and the overall direction of your life. It pains me to see you suffer so. -Are you serious? It does not. I wish you all well in all your endeavours, -STOP HELPING, and I am here for you lot if you need me. I AM NOT. I really feel that you are all making a grievous error in your blanket grievance with Antioch. This path only leads to hate...hate and suffering. These were your friends and your allies. They loved you and you loved them. -GAG. It is not the way of love to bring harm to those who are important to you. It is necessary to bring pain and agony to the heretics, but when dealing with those of like mind you must open with love and mercy. Are you serious? That's what you took from all that. Ugh.

Lover boy. Look at me. They stole money from someone who didn't do anything wrong. These people feigned trust and love in order to exploit and betray someone. Keep that in mind when you're doing this. Nod that you understand. Keep going.

After considering my words, I believe that you are all intolerable liars and a witches. Excellent! You opened up with your best game and you lost it all. All of the exploitations, abuses, and corruption that you could bring to bear were not enough to allow you emerge the victors. You have to realize this. You cannot be this blind. Well, unless you're all mentally unstable and you think you're still winning. I surely hope this is not the case as I wish only the best for you. Please stop. Remember. Betrayer. Cold hearted witch.

Curse you and your misdeeds, rebelsl. I would wish the cold of the underworld upon you, but it appears that you seem to spend more time in the Underworld than the real world. Please, come to your sense and come home. I lo~~~~____

We're not finishing that. This was a mistake.

~Ahkan Dios
~accompanying woodlings. <3 STOP IT

Penned by my hand on the 1st of Letum, in the year 43 AM.