Date: 3/21/2014 at 21:49
From: Priest of Simple Sorrow, Vanmoriel Sa'Gael
To : Everyone
Subj: Antioch

Fellow Citizens of Aetherius,

I'm sure you are all aware of recent events so I won't waste your time with a recollection.

I will say that more than once I sought peace with Antioch, not on my behalf but on the behalf of those who were my guildmates, or my friends, and on behalf of Antioch itself whom I am sure tires of the division and strife. I cannot, however, trade justice for peace.

As such, now that Antioch is now formally besieged, and that any and all among you who seek entrance to the once great city will be considered a possible target no matter your level of combat prowess. Those of you who have spoken quietly to me about doing nothing because of your fear simply continue to do so. Sit in the city and do nothing and you will suffer no harm. Perhaps the world will think no less of you for your inaction, and certainly that is the safe course.

If you wish to give succor to this cause, none will be refused for the cause of righteousness.

If you are among those who find this to be an affront, know that Sarrius opened this route by insisting he "use force and aggression to force" the actions of others. So be it.

The world has been told and none can be excused as ignorant.
Sarrius will attempt from here to defame me, but I care not, for the world knows of his theft from the Crusaders, of his manipulation of laws and power to protect his backside, of his puppetry over guilds and his own goverment. They know of his cruel policies allowing murder of his own innocent citizens by his friends. The world knows Antioch is afraid of itself and what it has become.

Until the city puts off the shackles she has allowed to bind her hand and foot, or until such a time as the world needs us elsewhere...

Prepare to be purified, Antioch.

Thus comes the reckoning.


Penned by my hand on the 25th of Ultio, in the year 42 AM.