Title of Ephor

Date: 1/13/2014 at 16:17
From: Sergeant Mikihide Dravidian
To : Everyone
Subj: Title of Ephor

Greetings Stavenn,

I come before you to announce my challenge for the position of Ephor, and Lady Caitryn's current position as it. Before I begin I will say I have nothing but respect for Lady Caitryn, and all of her years of service as Ephor to the Empire. She is very hard working and loyal to her duty and people, but in light of recent years I have noticed a constant decline
in her presence and her spirit to do things. That said I believe it is time for someone who will be here more often to step up, and someone who has fire to forge ahead for the Empire.

I see very few leaders about at most times, and the ones who are about at times are usually in and out quickly or they stand about lost in dreams. I hear many young and new citizens express great discontent with this, and most of them end up leaving the city due to feeling like they have no one to turn to for help or for growth. Right now the Empire needs new
blood more then ever, and it can't lose citizens due to lack of inactivity.

That said I'm more then willing to step up and take on the task of working to better the Empire. A bit about myself I have served as a secretary, head of novices, clan leader, guildmaster, and minister to some ten different guilds and cities. I have lived amongst demonic, magick, and antimagick for a good number of years in each. I hold five professions and am a master of many skills with patience to teach anyone. I am a strong and capable hunter willing to take any, and while I am not the best at combat alone I do decent with others. I have fought for Stavenn well over two dozens times in recent years, and will always continue to jump into the battles without hesitation. In my current state I serve the city as Doyen of Cetara and a Sergeant in the Revenants guild. I always place the Empire above my own needs and serve to make it better and stronger in anyway possible.

I hope to find you the citizens are willing to accept a new leader, and to Lady Caitryn thank you and good luck.

Sincerely Mikihide D.

Penned by my hand on the 13th of Halitus, in the year 37 AM.