People of Antioch

Date: 1/6/2014 at 14:23
From: Juran Acerbus
To : Everyone
Subj: People of Antioch

People of Antioch, you are being misled.

I write to you on a matter that your leadership will not speak to you. I come to you about a war that was started only out of hubris and now continues only out of vanity.

Your city is a wasteland, your people are dying, and your Shah assures you that there is nothing to be done. The truth is that months ago I offered him peace and he refused. I asked him nothing but that the diamonds he demanded of Kinsarmar be returned to them, so that this entire unfortunate timeline could be rolled back.

The remainder of truth is that your leader suffers from some mental failure. Sarrius has told me personally that your deaths do not concern him because they do not cost him gold. He does not even cower within your walls anymore, he hides within some sacred refuge of our fallen Divine. He will avoid the fighting while you die, because you are replaceable and do not hinder his treasury.

I do not wish this of you, my former home. You are better than this, and you are better than him. Your city has already spent millions on this war, but if price of peace is your entire treasury I am more than capable. But to you, the other voices and souls of Antioch that have not until now heard the truth, I wanted you to remember that we do not act out of malice. We have attempted to end his war peacefully.

Penned by my hand on the 18th of Letum, in the year 37 AM.