Date: 7/22/2013 at 7:58
From: Lord Menoch Blackfyre, Harbinger of the Damned
To : Everyone
Subj: War

Hail useless cowards of the 'Duchy',

While our time, breaking your gates, killing your guards, slaughtering your ignorant and loudmouthed spineless citizenry, has been quite easy, and even more enjoyable, the time has come for it to end.

See, I've realized that there is no compromise to be had with those that cannot realize they are losing. When unanswered raid after unanswered raid goes by, when all of the individuals responsible for the heinous attacks on my citizenry just leave the realms instead of even pretending they have a chance at fighting back... well, the fun is gone.

We came, we saw, we killed everything. Every month. For over a year. Meanwhile, the fearless war leaders of Kinsarmar huddled (most appropriately) in their sewers, or in Celidon, or in their houses, attempting to find new uses for roosters.

There is no point. No matter how much victory we cram down your throats, all your blind and ignorant eyes view is another Kinsarmarian victory whenever some novice with guard privileges FINALLY figures out that you need at least a few istani or we're just going to walk out and escape.

Your value was well proven. Lots of bragging, more insults than I knew were possible, phrased foully (and terribly) enough to give an old demon reason to cease and desist to stop the annoyance. Your tears of woe have sustained me, as your hearts and souls have not, weak, tepid things that they are.

For that reason, our fesitivities are at an end. Fear not, the spineless braggarts will continue to fling their worthless insults, and continue to die as easily as we continued to win the easiest war in possibly the entire history of Aetherius. Not one successful raid from Kinsarmar to the Empire. Septus did come twice to visit, and before he could so much as raze an aura, died. Spectacularly I'm sure. Too bad he's never awake to face the consequences of his actions that initiated this entire event.

Eekamous is hereby declared the Duchy's most valuable war leader, as he is the only one that ever entered Stavenn during the entire time, and successfully got a kill. Granted, on a non-combatant that was NEVER involved in any of this, but hey, who expects intelligence from the people who get decimated on a monthly basis and proclaim themselves unhurt? Not I. Not I.

In Eternal Victory,

Lord Menoch Blackfyre, Harbinger of the Damned

Penned by my hand on the 15th of Halitus, in the year 23 AM.