the Stavennite Empire

Date: 6/24/2013 at 20:53
From: Lord Menoch Blackfyre, Harbinger of the Damned
To : Everyone
Subj: the Stavennite Empire

Hail Aetherius,

The world has changed. Perspectives have shifted. Our gods are gone, and we must all move to adapt to and overcome the changes presented to us.

The Empire numbers but a few in these troubled times. Reasons for this abound, whether they have merit or not, from any who remember the glory days of yesteryear in comparison to now. The Empire has always valued knowledge and logic in Her tenets, and to that end, archaic customs that may have led to our declining population have been analysed and altered in accordance with the will of the masses. A sign of good faith that the Imperial High Council has every intent to so examine the wants of the general populace before implementing change.

In practice in my short time as Imperator, this has led to the abolishment of taxation within the Empire, the removal of the designate and rank of slave from any full citizen of the Empire, regardless of rank. Not that it has been a problem in some years, but no longer will the youth of Stavenn enjoy less rights than any other.

The citizenship policies have been revised as well as some of the older legal provisions and statutes in recent years. In practice, now anyone may seek entrance into the Empire and be admitted provided they have no perpetrated treason or theft as a citizen beforehand, or provided you have not made it onto our fairly short permanent enemy list. Anyone that has been enemied for crimes that are not treason or theft may submit to one public execution and be admitted immediately. Anyone that has not perpetrated crimes against the Empire may be admitted immediately. If you are a permanent enemy or have perpetrated treason or theft, you may even still apply, without leaving your organizations, in private to the Imperator, High Judge, or an Ephor. Those people will then vote on your admission. If they should get a majority concensus, you can then be admitted still, again, without anyone ever being the wiser that you sought entrance to the fabled and storied Empire of Stavenn.

I do hope to see the future, a time that seems to be very promising in terms of the development of our world, full of Imperial citizenry, free to think and explore any avenue they may desire, without the restrictions, dispersions, and condemnation of the zealous, the ignorant, or the hypocritical.

Lord Menoch Blackfyre, Harbinger of the Damned
Salish Gott-Konig
Singularity, Lady Ellarynth Lokrien Nessaja, Mistress of Death
Felreign Maglust Argyle, Death Incarnate
Lady Lixan Farrell, Knight of Confusion

Penned by my hand on the 7th of Naturalis, in the year 21 AM.