A new Chamber of Resonance

Date: 6/9/2013 at 0:39
From: Grand Sea-Mother, Sealia Rhuidean, Lamenter of the Gods
To : Everyone
Subj: A new Chamber of Resonance


This month marked the founding month of the Bard guild. Through much research, the guild was able to discover an area able to replica the Chamber of Resonance - a special room that was once in the guildhall of the Earthsingers. Though the Earthsingers' Chamber drew its power from the woods themselves, the Chamber created by the Bards needed activiation - it needed to draw its power from the voices and collective spirits of the people. As such, a group gathered in the Chamber, singing it into life.

Should any wish to visit this Chamber, to revisit an area like the one once lost, please message me, Sealia, the Soul of Music. Even if you are an enemy, I will attempt to gain you access to the guildhall if only to visit the Chamber and pay respect.

At the end of this post, there is a log of the event as seen from my eyes. I attempted to cut out all of the excess to make it more readable.

My the Song guide you,

~ S. Rhuidean

Sealia clears her throat, rolling her shoulders back to make her presence all-the-more commanding. "I want to take a moment to explain our findings." She pauses, looking over each face, her own growing very somber.

Leranad tilts his head and listens intently.

You say, "I want you all to be aware that you are witnessing history this month."

Icsellom leans back against the wooden support, eyes on the door.

You say, "When the Earthsingers built their home in Khandava, they found in their midst and area filled with wonder where the Song carried in a unique way."

Camaris nods his head.

You say, "In this area, what they called the Chamber of Resonance, the Song of the World was powerful - amplified by the very earth itself."

Sealia furrows her brows as she crosses her arms. "But with the fall of Khandava, their fall to demonry, so fell an ancient, powerful wonder."

Camaris creases his brow in a frown.

You say, "The Bards allowed Earthsingers to come back to Kinsarmar with a free pass, as many mourned for their lost home."

Icsellom's ears twitch as he frowns, eyes still on the door.

Wystria flaps her arms madly.

Camaris's mouth turns up as his face breaks into a smile.

Adamant Beauty Wystria Eldunari, Shaylei's Littlest Sapphire says, "Did I miss it?"

You say, "Even though they still felt the Song in the air, their bones, their hearts... Even though it was still surrounding them, nothing could compare to what they felt and experienced in the Chamber."

Saria grows still and her lips begin to move silently.
Saria waves goodbye.
Saria is enveloped in translucent fire for a moment and is gone, her soul safe until she returns to Imperian.

You say, "The Chamber, the amplifier, was gone."

Wystria leans comfortably against Shaylei.

You say, "As such, a project started."

Sealia smiles, her eyes twinkling with good nature and happiness.

You say, "A project to dig into the earth - to discover an area like the one in Khandava."

You say, "Through close to half a century, we have been able to discover an area much like the one in Khandava."

You say, "However, we do have a problem."

You say, "We do not know what powered the chamber in Khandava. We do not know what gave it its power."

You say, "The chamber we have now... something is missing. Something isn't quite right."

You say, "I want to take us all there, Bards and non-Bards, to try to focus our energies to strengthen the Song of the World, to activate the Chamber."

You say, "Please follow me."

(Kinsarmar): You say, "We are moving into the Chamber now."

Observatory. (City of Kinsarmar.)
Placed within the sill of the window, a brilliant blue poppy with a gemstone center is displayed here. A ribbon is wound around the stem, decorated with archaic writing. A sigil in the shape of a small, rectangular monolith is on the ground. A pale white anaconda slithers along the ground here. Head cocked appraisingly, a black songbird stares coldly at its surroundings. His blond hair falling over one eye, Lyridae is perched on the side of the font, tuning his mandolin. Wobbling clumsily in the air, a chubby violet songbird chirps happily as he dances along the breeze. You may enter the NEWS from here.
You see exits leading east and up.

(Kinsarmar): Icsellom says, "We need every voice we can get. Tell me if you can join and I will bring you into the chamber."

You say, "We have plotted it just below here. The entrance is fragile."

Sealia begins moving toward the down, the ground giving slightly under her feet.

The last known Chamber of Resonance. (lost)
This chamber has been crafted from the earth in a perfect sphere. The walls have been ground to a glassy, smooth finish, the ores, gems, and imperfections left in the finished work to testify to its origin. Bands of copper, iron, silver, and gold have been fitted into the rock, etched with various runeforms. In the open spaces between the bands, the rock has been carved and filled in with platinum, leaving thin spider webs of line and whorls spiraling around the chamber. On the floor, a single crystal has been set to match the curve of the room. In the resounding silence, a faint hum can be felt, rising and falling in its intensity.
There are no obvious exits.

Wystria gives a pained sigh.

Adamant Beauty Wystria Eldunari, Shaylei's Littlest Sapphire says, "Can't believe I missed the speech."

You give a pained sigh.

You say, "Well, this is it. The Chamber of Resonance."

Wystria's mouth turns up as her face breaks into a smile.

Lytharose's mouth turns up as her face breaks into a smile.

Pacing around the room, Sealia furrows her brows, shaking her head. After a moment, she pauses. "As I said, this isn't quite right.." she says, her voice trailing off.

Adamant Beauty Wystria Eldunari, Shaylei's Littlest Sapphire says, "I'm glad to have helped design this."

Sealia places her hand on the wall, glancing around the room. "The Resonance doesn't carry well in this room. It's as though it is latent. Sleeping."

Slowly lowering herself to the ground, Sealia kneels, bowing her head. With a quiet voice, she begins to hum the note "ta" lowly. The crystal in the center of the room seems to respond, glimmering faintly for a moment before going dark.

Closing her eyes, Sealia continues to hum the note, her voice growing stronger and louder, her face concentrated.

The crystal flickers again, like a wick trying to catch fire, before burning dark.

Camaris begins to hum, adding his to Sealia's, causing a deeper vibration.

Bardic Basher Icsellom Mjollnir, Claw of Song says, "Everyone."

(Kinsarmar): Icsellom says, "Everyone able, please tell me if you can come to the chamber."

The crystal flickers again, like a wick trying to catch fire, before burning dark.

Icsellom hums the note, the vibration growing even deeper.

Leranad matches the note, his volume steadily increasing as his voice warms up.

The room begins to reverberate with intensity, a chaotic drone of sound and voices filling it.

Lytharose softly joins in with the humming, her voice joining the others.

Shaylei hums softly, the humming resonating softly in the chamber.

With a bright spark, the crystal catches an intense, blinding light, before cooling down to a low light.

Sealia squishes her brows tightly together, using her abdomen to strengthen her voice.
Wystria hums softly, holding hands with Camaris.

Icsellom increases the volume of his humming, his face betraying heavy concentration.

With a bright spark, the crystal catches an intense, blinding light, before cooling down to a low light.

Camaris' eyes burn bright, as he focuses his energy on the note.

Like a roaring fire, the crystal begins to burn with such intensity that it is too bright to gaze at.

Leranad continues to steadily increase the volume of his humming, his eyes closing as his posture fully straightens.

Shaylei hums louder as she hears others humming along.

For a moment, unquestionable stillness hangs in the air, and the crystal continues to burn, a quiet hum coming from it.

A comfortable hum hangs in the air.

Sealia opens her eyes, leaning back, a look of calm serenity coming over her. With a smile, she says, "It is done."

Camaris ceases holding the note, but his eyes remain bright.

Wystria squeezes Camaris's hand and stops humming, leaning her head on his shoulder.

A single tear rolls down your cheek.

Icsellom stops humming, his ears perking up to better hear the sounds within the chamber.

You say, "The dreams of so many were found this day."

You say, "Thank you all for being a part of that."

Lytharose's mouth turns up as her face breaks into a smile.

Camaris flashes you a joyous smile.

Placing a hand on her knees, Sealia slowly pulls herself up, standing tall, proud.

Icsellom gives you a nod of acknowledgement.

Shaylei softly dampens her humming, as she feels the steady vibrations of the ethereal sound.

Leranad stops humming, but unknowingly still has a soft hum coming from him, the unmistakable resonance in the chamber touching his heart and his musical senses.

A comfortable hum echoes through the chamber.

Sealia pats the wall softly, smiling. "Thank you," she whispers.

Camaris closes his eyes, and listens to the humming.

You smile and say, "With that... Let's us begin Bardmas."

Penned by my hand on the 2nd of Vita, in the year 20 AM.