Date: 12/31/2012 at 3:01
From: Lemuela Valstivar, Winter's Frost
To : Sir Bathan Zran, the Oathsmith
Subj: Conquest

You're mistaken. The Third Age isn't a fractured, treacherous land as you may think. It's simply reverted back to our normal state of politics and convenient forgetfulness. It's not surprising that less than five years since the discovery of the undead and Horde among the sands in a temple, you've already forgotten the Alliance. An official Alliance that combined the strengths and all able-bodied soldiers and citizens, both magickers and non. Your people stood next to ours feeding dwarves and stocking shovels as they dug through each room.

Yet, you claim you're forced to exist in fear of what we magickers will do?

At least you knew the powers we magickers wielded and did not turn against your people while allied. I would be more concerned with your current alliance with your entity. Hastati, Ascendari of the Sect of Conquest, a Being of unknown power given full access to every piece of knowledge that exists of us as a land. You give loyalty and life to this Being, yet know nothing of it than what chooses to reveal.

For your sake, I hope you do not treat your current alliance as you've done in the past. You may discover Hastati is not nearly as tolerant of such forgetfulness as we've become over the centuries.

Penned by my hand on the 23rd of Ferinus, in the year 7 AM.