Date: 10/19/2012 at 2:25
From: Lord Menoch Andarial, Arm of Death
To : Mad Necrologist Zsavrai, High Wraith of the Revenants
Subj: Me


While I find it endlessly amusing that you choose to so publicly make your post of condescension, you must understand a few things.

Yes, I hold Nytid against him. Because leaders should be held accountable for their mistakes.

Our Ephorate is filled with some strong and intelligent people. I don't rightly know how you could consider the Arch-Wight, oh, excuse me, the Harbinger of the Damned, either. The only times he is ever present in combat, are to show up when our forces have things well in hand. For observations on intellect, see appointing Nytid, and shameless seduction of our Empire's youth, something I'm sure you're intimately familiar with.

As for how frequently he is about, and how alarming it is that you are both about at the EXACT same times, I can only assume it has to do with your ... relationship. Something I will spend no further time thinking about or mentioning, due to the extreme nausea it so gives me.

If you think I should be ashamed of 'uprooting my guildmaster', then perhaps you should be aware of how the Diavlous, and the Malignists to a lesser extent, functioning the in the veritable plethora of years preceding your existence. We remain strong, by replacing the weak and inadequate. Like those who use their subordinates to prattle on foolishly in their defense. Your observations on squabbling and finger-pointing are possibly the only point of your post that have any basis in fact, and you exemplify them quite well as you jump to the defense of your master like any good bitch, willingly brought to heel.

You, girl, have tried my patience, and I thank you for it. It makes me a better person in not letting you rot on your own sternum in the streets of the Empire, as we have done for centuries before when the ignorant youth chose to be disrespectful to the nobility of Stavenn. A title I earned, when it was still difficult to do so, when Cadeyrn was still fondling novices in the sands.

If you have any other feeble witticisms, I ask you speak them to me in a different format. I will not contribute to any other attempts to clog the senses of the rest of the citizenry with your misplaced adoration of your lover.

Penned by my hand on the 22nd of Solis, in the year 1 AM.