Complying with the Accord

Date: 10/8/2012 at 15:20
From: Lady Mena Farrell
To : Everyone
Subj: Complying with the Accord

There no evidence that Maglust was doing anything else with Visyra that just discuss over philosophical themes, since the Death Incarnate is known to be a scholar to heart. Meanwhile, Galt have kept attacking members of the demonic circle, yet continue to receive safe harbor in Magick, even if it was clearly stated in the first meeting of the Accord of the Six Nations that it wouldn't be allowed.

In lieu of this, the Stavennite Empire will not enemy the Death Incarnate nor comply with any request not included in the initial Accord until the nations of Magick are shown to hold their end of the bargain and deny Galt, and any following his lead, the protection of their walls and guards.

The Stavennite Empire will continue to answer to requests of assistance from the Accord members and will enforce its citizens to uphold the ceasefire offered to Aetherius by us, except against those that clearly think that the Accord is beneath them.

Individual agreements can be reached with those Nations that reach to the Empire if so they desire.

This of course only applies to us, the Redwoods will take the course of action they deem appropiate.

Remember that the Demon Gods have shown being able to slay Divine, without distinction of circle. In hundreds of years, after the fall of Caanae, the Horde has been driven away every time they attacked. Are you really worried about such a threat when the very existance of the realm is at stake? Didn't Tomas promised you a method to erradicate the Horde or it ended being an empty promise?

What will it take for you people to focus?

Imperator Mena Farrell
Leader of the Stavennite Empire

Penned by my hand on the 21st of Artificium, in the year 678 AD.