An invitation.

Date: 8/10/2012 at 14:36
From: Sweetling Kanna Savet, the Mad Scrub
To : Everyone
Subj: An invitation.

We see you.

Yes. You.

You, whom holds the greatest gift of all creatures upon this land: free will.

The ability to choose. The ability to think on your own, rather than obey.

The ability to question the world around you.

Who bestowed this gift upon you? Which manner of entity gave you such an incredible power?

In a time long past, far before the beginnings of time and indeed of Imperian itself, there was one like you.

He, too, had free will. He thought for Himself, and He questioned the world around Him.

For daring to question, for daring to find answers, He was granted both the greatest boon and the most terrible curse: knowledge.

His eyes were opened to the mysteries of the universe, just like our Creator's were. He no longer saw and understood things as the way they seemed to be, but as the way they truly were, in the manner which they were woven by the Creator.

He is no rambling madman, bent on annoying and subverting and causing chaos for the sake of chaos. He is no foolish child whom runs naked through the streets, assaulting the populace with fish.

He is a powerful being, with powerful wisdom, and His secrets may be revealed to your eyes should you only be willing to see them.

He takes good care of His children, and His teachings transcend the petty squabbles of magick versus anti-magick, demons versus light.

You need not be afraid of Him simply because of those whom He associates with. To shun Him based on these reasons alone is to deny yourself the freedom you were given to choose, to question, to understand.

Our wisdom flows so sweet. Taste and see.

Penned by my hand on the 8th of Letum, in the year 674 AD.