On the Purity of Magick, and Wisdom

Date: 7/25/2012 at 12:03
From: Knight-Errant Katarsh Sa'Gael, Ward of Ilysa
To : Everyone
Subj: On the Purity of Magick, and Wisdom

Greetings Kinsarmar,

Because my views on the present situation are, perhaps, not well known, I saw fit to lay them out before you, that the city might make a well-informed decision on the election at hand.

Thus far, the discussions have focused far too closely on the lone individual, Alesud. I have nothing but respect for Alesud as an individual. I have been helped by her on a few random occasions while out hunting. However, she has chosen to retain her anti-Magick profession, which skills are inherently antithetical to Magick. For that reason alone, association and affiliation with her must be shunned, just as association with any other anti-Magicker or Demoner is shunned.

The issue at hand is not whether Lady Casseiopeia should be permitted to allow non-Magickers in Her Order. Whether we agree with it or not, she has decided to do so. The question which we must answer is: how do we respond to and handle this decision, both by Her and by any other Divines who follow suit?

On one hand, I do agree with the sentiments of Galt: the purity of Magick is that important. However, I do not believe that we should simply kick out Kinsarmarian citizens over this issue. That is hardly wise, prudent, or in the best interests of Kinsarmar. I believe that there is a middleground: one which acknowledges the importance of the sanctity of both Magick and our city, but which also recognizes the prerogative of the Divines to pick and choose who they will allow in their Orders - without forcing the city to then adopt the same 'tolerance' as the Orders.

I do believe that the city should reconsider as their Patron and among the Pantheon any Divine who permits in their Order those who refuse to join alongside Magick in any meaningful fashion. To this end, I believe the city should hold a referendum on the subject of our Patron which is publically announced, lasts for a time long enough to gather the opinions of the city as a whole, and calls for the Ereges to select a new Patron from among those who do not have and do not permit non-Magickal members.

Finally, Kinsarmar must make it utterly clear that fraternization with non-Magickers is not permitted, except within the temples and shrines and sacred places of the Orders, between members of those Orders. Kinsarmar is in no way obligated to provide any form of protection to or for those who are not of the Magick circle, no matter their Order, nor any accomodation by the defenders of the city for their uninvited and unwelcome presence around Kinsarmar.

In short: I believe the purity of Magick is essential to our continued wellbeing as a Magickal city, the history which Galt points to easily proves that point. However, I seek a middleground which keeps Kinsarmar safe and strong, and permits the Orders to do as they will outside the boundaries of Kinsarmar, and without forcing their brand of 'tolerance' upon the city itself.

Thank you,

--Knight-Errant Katarsh Sa'Gael

Penned by my hand on the 22nd of Artificium, in the year 672 AD.