Unruly Children and Motherhood

Date: 7/25/2012 at 4:19
From: Sarrius Chytovil, General of the Night
To : Eloweth, Lady of the Arcane
Subj: Unruly Children and Motherhood

Lady Eloweth,

I can stand by idle no longer.

You insisted that You wanted peace between Your Children and Your Sister's.

If that is the truth, then prove it. The way Your order behaves cannot go on any further than it has.

The hatred You endorse, the bigotry and rabid zeal that You allow to go on in Your name - You must end it. You must teach proper decorum to Your followers. You must teach them tolerance. Until You do so, Your Children are nothing but closed-minded zealots. They act as those in Antioch and Ithaqua do, insisting on a nebulous purity and accepting no other logic. What You allow them to teach, the impression You allow them to give to this world, is that of savagery. There is no enlightenment in the way your representatives walk across this land, promoting bigotry and carrying on this foolish inquisition.

Your Priests run across the lands of Celidon and Kinsarmar, passing judgment on those that I am sworn to defend. They try their hardest to demonstrate that the word of my Mother does not matter. They tamper in the affairs of our order. How can You call this peace? How can You allow Your chosen priests, Your very representatives, to besmirch the name of You and Your teachings with their absurdity and hatred?

How can You endorse the behavior of Galt Amherst? How can You allow him to insult our order in front of all of Kinsarmar, when it is Your desire for peace? How can You allow him and others in Your order to call me and my Kin a threat to magick, when we serve it just as thoroughly as each and every one of them?

You cannot have it both ways, Lady of the Arcane. You either must endorse the way Your Children have behaved, or You must discipline them for going contrary to what You have personally told me. You told me that You desire for our people to work together under a united banner. What You allow each of them to do and say runs contrary to such a desire - You allow them to expand the gap between us simply for the sake of 'purity' and a perceived threat. You allow them to press their dogma upon the Kin, while simultaneously insisting that You want peace.

Make Your move swiftly, Lady Eloweth. The longer You delay, the more damage Your priests do to that which You call Your domain. The longer You take to bring Your followers to heel, the more lasting damage Magick's community will suffer as a whole. Discipline Your Children like a Mother should, or allow them to grow up to be degenerates.

Penned by my hand on the 14th of Artificium, in the year 672 AD.