What news?

Date: 1/14/2013 at 18:31
From: Ravenasa
To : Everyone
Subj: What news?

In the mist of the midnight.
I see the lantern light, slowly coming over the hill.

What news is to be brought to me?

War rages on all about... I can hear it in the distance.
I hear the screams, and cannon roar.
I hear the cries, and muskets fire.
I smell the smoke, the burning of the woods.
I see the glow of fire, from lamp and blaze.

What news is to be brought to me?

No matter whether it be gay or mourn...

I must go on...
I must save my country.
I must save my tradition.
I must save my family.

The enemy knows not how they tear at the fabric of our existence.
They will never know... they will never understand.

All they understand is their own want.

Want of money and power... control...

Not while I live will I surrender...

Never shall I surrender, til blade or lead be placed in my heart.
Slowly draining my life blood from my heart,
Until I lay upon the ground a mere shell.

Though even then, my spirit shall be unbridled.
Raging against my foes, even after they too,
Have fallen.

The lantern's light softly reveals a young mans face.

'Sir... we are faltering... the men can't take anymore.'

'Yes they can... Their courage... knows no bounds.'

With faith I step forward, making my way from mist to smoke.
From quiet, to raging din.
From meek, to fury.

The sky shall be red come dawn,
Whether it be my blood aiding,
The staining...
I must go on.
The news was brought to me...
I must go on...

We all must go on.

Penned by my hand on the 24th of Solis, in the year 8 AM.