You know who you are have read the story.

Date: 3/23/2011 at 12:49
From: Moonlit Star, Krystalia Moonaires, The Herbalicious Huntress
To : Everyone
Subj: You know who you are have read the story.

I Am The Story

We all walk around with a story.
Each story differ from the rest.
Who's story is best?
Who's story is so much better then the rest?

Who is to judge what we have done?
Who thinks they are so much better then everyone?

If you stand in a public place,
and look at the people around you, and then look at their face.
Can you see inside them, see what they want, see what they seek?
Can you study them and drain them of their energy, make them fall to their knees, and make them weak?
Can you look past their words and see the things they dare not speak?

Everyone has a story, just some are shared silently only seen through the smartest of eyes.
What do your eyes say? Or will you still wear your little disguise?
I know deep inside you, I have studied you and for that I am wise.
Don't try to run, don't try to hide. What you run from is deep inside. Embrace it and take it. For it is your prize.
I know what you want, what you need, what you crave, and why you plead.

I am your weakness, I am your pain, I am your pleasure, I am your rain.
I am exactly what you need.

I can satisfy, I can feed, I can make you beg, I can make you bleed.
I am there with you and for you. I am within you no matter what the deed.
I am the one that you chose to plant a seed.

I grew full, I grew wide. I bloomed, and I had deep thirst for the things that other's hide.
I gave in to quench my thirst, to find a hunger for things far worse.
I gave in to temptations too, I wore the sin, I fell for you.
We danced the dance one you will never forget, for I am stamped within you yet.

No matter where you lay today, you will never ever forget how you arrived there. I am within you, since the moment we met.
You can run and you can hide. You can laugh and you can cry. You can ignore me and move right on, but you will never forget me, for I am never gone.
I deep within you, we will never part, I am in your fantasy, I am in your heart.

You can hate me, say its not true. But I know better, cuz I know you.
Move on, move ahead, and let the desire within you rest. It does not matter it will not part, you were meant to have this right from the start. I am a memory of which you silently crave.

I am your dirty little secret you think no others know.

I am your story. The story in which will never actually be told.

Penned by my hand on the 13th of Halitus, in the year 633 AD.