This endless crap

Date: 1/31/2011 at 0:41
From: Moonlit Star, Krystalia Moonaires, The Herbalicious Huntress
To : Everyone
Subj: This endless crap

There was no need for this poem to ever be posted.
The only secret I know is I was not part of this night that he hosted.
There was never an evening of endearment from which he surely boasted.
There was no love had, nor was a love lost.
There was no wants, there was no needs.
There was no begging, there was no pleadings.
There was no pleasure, there was no pain.
There was no night out in the rain.
I think he lost his frigging brain.
Please just stop this all before I go insane.
Do not listen to things untrue.
Do not mutter another word about me,
and if you believe these idiotic things stated out of the blue?
You, yes each and every one of you, can kiss my ass too!!!
Now please everyone just go away, I have no more that I need to say!

Penned by my hand on the 3rd of Solis, in the year 629 AD.