Alondra and Lyaewyn's absence

Date: 7/22/2012 at 2:55
From: Naois Shinohara, Crux Scientia
To : Everyone
Subj: Alondra and Lyaewyn's absence

Hello everyone,

I hate that I have to write this news posting.

Tomorrow (Sunday, July 22nd), anywhere from 6am to 8am MST, my best friend will be leaving for an indefinite amount of time. Most of you knew her as either Alondra or Lyaewyn, though some of you may know her by her real name - Sandra.

She is endeavoring to head first to Albuqurque from where she lives, which is approximately 135 miles west of Albuqurque. She is traveling on foot and is going based on divine word. God has told her it is time for her to move, and so she is.

To those of faith: Please be in prayer for her. I have never seen such an act of faith in my life, and it has moved me to resolve to have the same faith in my own life. Pray for myself as well, as being without her - who I have only been a week without in the two years we've really talked - will push me towards depression and loneliness - a place I don't wish to be.

To those who are not of faith: Please do not scoff or mock this. This woman is putting her life on the line for what she believes.

There is no way of knowing when she will return to us, but she assures me that she will be back. If you ever want an update on her status, send me a message and I will let you know. She's writing me a letter at every town she stops in that has a post office.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers,

-- Michael Boyer (Naois Shinohara)

Penned by my hand on the 16th of Naturalis, in the year 672 AD.