Memorial Day

Date: 5/28/2012 at 16:03
From: Blade of Light, Sir Dias Tethe'alla
To : Everyone
Subj: Memorial Day

I feel that memorial day is forgotten for its meaning. So many people think it's just a long weekend where they should BBQ and drink. However, I feel it requires mention that honorable men have died in the line of duty - Regardless of this war being right or wrong... These men and woman did their duty as ordered, and sacrificed it all.

I only have a handful of names of the people whom I have lost to War, but each name is etched into my head and my heart. I encourage anyone who has lost a friend or loved one to speak up to their family, visit the grave, and place a flower or two upon the headstone. I miss my friends that are in heaven.

In loving memory of 1LT David Andrew Johnson, 2LT Travis Morgado, and SGT Nicholas Dickhut. Your sacrifices will never be forgotten.

To end it with a quote that seems rather popular to the families of the Military - What is a Veteran? A "Veteran" - whether active duty, discharged, retired, or reserve - is someone who, at one point in his/her life, wrote a blank check check made payable to "The United States of America," for an amount of "up to, and including his/her life." Always Remember.


Jordan Houghton - Dias

Penned by my hand on the 12th of Tenebrae, in the year 668 AD.