Date: 6/24/2014 at 15:27
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: Gordul

After years of being held up in a cell, Gordul finally escaped his Eastern horde captors. He used one of their tunnels within the Eastern Nolmines to push through to the Western world, where he met up with Malaclypse in Malkav's temple.

After a bit of a discussion with the Mad Watcher, they agreed to use the patients being experimented on and tortured within the Sanitarium for his work.

As he tore through the tower, making his way to the top, he gathered quite a bit of attention from Seraphyne, Wysrias, Lytharose, Verexa, Zcephonie, Shou, Caelya, Aleutia, Jebadiah, Ozreas, and Mercer. They listened as he told them of his previous life, and of his escape from the East.

Curious of the tunnel he went through, Shou, Aleutia, Verexa, and Caelya went off to search the mountains for the passageway, finding no sign that it ever existed.

Concerns were raised as to what he wishes to accomplish, and what kind of a threat the East truly held on the West. Gordul did his best to explain that the East is fully aware of what is happening here, and that they plan to capture an Entity of their own. He believes they must beat the horde to the punch by figuring out the proper combination of materials to create a mindless race of horde, allowing them to take over the West.

Lytharose, curious of his previous life, stayed and asked him questions, hoping to gather more information from the man, to see if he could be trusted. Meanwhile, Shou, Caelya, Seraphyne, and Ozreas began working with him on the experiments, seeing just what each combination does. Selthis, being the curious sort, came and double checked all their work. Once satisfied with the original results, those gathered left, leaving Shou and Gordul to continue testing.

Penned by my hand on the 19th of Solis, in the year 50 AM.