The end of a threat

Date: 6/22/2014 at 0:16
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: The end of a threat

An eerie calm settled over Aetherius today as the Necromancer Hasnar was brought to an end.

After some suspicious talk of Hasnar still accepting children, the Imperator went to confront the Necromancer. Being as there was no proof on if Hasnar truly took those children or not, the Imperator Maglust, Bathan, Ishtar, and Selthis had to decide, do we trust his word? Or trust those of our citizens?

After listening to Hasnar defend himself, Selthis decided his fate would be decided with a coin flip, unfortunately for Hasnar, it was a heads, giving Selthis enough reason to bring an end to him, or so he thought.

As the Necromancer had explained before, the machine was connected to his life force, allowing him to raise from the dead, no matter how brutal it was. After his first resurrection the machine began working over time, attempting to gather more energy to reestablish a life for him.

Once again, while the group debated on seeing just how powerful the machine was, or destroying it, Selthis took matters into his own hands. He quickly began pulling out tubes and working his way towards a broken chamber. Once he was close enough to the strange substance that was secreting from the machine, he lit his tinderbox and set the machine on fire. As the flame hit the inner chamber the device exploded, sending those gathered out of the tower.

Once the smoke settled Maglust went back to the top of the tower, only to discover the machine was destroyed, and Hasnar's corpse gone.

With the threat of the Necromancer gone, the two zombie hunters feel it is safe to go back into hiding, packing up their tents and heading back to their secretive village. Meanwhile, the children of the world are no longer a threat, allowing Galix and Lotan to rest.

Penned by my hand on the 6th of Ferinus, in the year 50 AM.